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最喜爱的奶奶 My Favorite Grandma

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奶奶的身体越来越弱... ...


茉莉 loves being with Grandma! They play games together, goes for walk together, and Grandma teaches her little life lessons along the way. Soon, Grandma starts to become weaker. She comes back from the hospital and receives palliative care at home. 茉莉 watches her grandma get weaker day by day, at first being bedbound, then she couldn't talk anymore. They bid her goodbye and 茉莉's mama wipes away a tear from Grandma's eyes. Grandma stops breathing and passes on, and 茉莉 asks many questions... As she closes her eyes, she can see the happy times they shared before. Our loved ones may pass on, but they live forever in our hearts.

This is a particularly gentle book to talk with kids about being grateful for the elderly in our family, and to touch on the difficult topics of illness and death.

I grew up sharing a room with my late grandma, if I close my eyes hard enough, I think I can still hear her occasional snores, chuckling about some funny things that another neighbor granny said, or telling me that the fish was so fresh at the market that she had to buy it and steam it for us.

Now as my mum and mum-in-law turn into grandmothers, I see their strength and joy shine. I am deeply grateful for them for bringing much needed help, wisdom and love into our home, even if they do not stay with us. I hope that by reading this book with my kids, it will teach them to be grateful and appreciative of their grandmas when they are still alive! 不要等到失去了,才懂得珍惜。

Indeed, as the Chinese saying goes, "An elderly at home, is like a treasure". 家有一老,如有一宝。

Recommended for Ages: 4-12
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 日野重明
Illustrator: 冈田千晶
Translator: 田秀娟
Translated from: Japanese

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