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漫画作文 Comics for Compositions

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If you want to put the FUN in academic learning, be sure to check this workbook out!

Your child may choose to use these 40 funny comics as writing prompts for short essays, or work on comprehension skills by answering the questions! The beauty of it is that comics appeal to a range of ages, and this book offers a fun way to tackle academic skills.

How you use these books may vary according to your needs. My older two are 5 and 7 years old now, and we go through the book a few pages at a time. For now we're working on

  • motivation to read, using comics
  • drawing information from the text and pictures,
  • checking their understanding using the comprehension questions
  • stringing cohesive sentences orally - so they narrate and I write down their answers

Do note though, that there is no answer key to this book. If you require help to proofread the answers, you'd need some additional help!

No. of pages: 88

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A fun way to learn writing!

I love the comics style guiding pictures, as well as the leading questions to guide in writing a story. This makes writing more enticing and interesting.

Definitely Sparks Interest in Writing

We have always enjoyed 又是这一班,and I have been eye-ing this book since it looked like an interesting approach to incite some enthusiasm about 作文。Honestly, whoever had pleasant memories of writing 作文? After @jaslearningwithkids 's review, I was reminded to pick up a copy which was a great buy. Firstly, without prompting, even my younger son wanted to know what it's all about. After all it is comics with colourful visuals and few words. My older son in p3 was quite happy to look through the book and even asked when we were going to start on it. Woohoo, that's one point for enthusiasm in Chinese! Secondly, Comics for Compositions 漫画作文 provides a simpler interface compared to the other books on composition writing which are usually very boring, full of text and standard "model compositions' (that puts anyone to sleep really). I love the book's approach of piquing the interest in the storyline, understanding more about the comic, answering questions and developing the thought processes thereby building confidence before writing. It's a win-win - opportunities to practise writing and no more nagging and nudging from the parent. Totally recommend it!