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百问百答 科学漫画书 Hundred Questions and Answers Science Comics

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It's hard to find interesting books to keep primary school age kids engaged,
especially materials for leisure reading, not only for academic purposes,
so kids can truly enjoy the language in a fun way.
When our family discovered this set, we were overjoyed!

Delve into the world of science through these funny comics!
The main characters are so funny, I often see my primary school aged boys chuckling to themselves while they read and wind down after school.
They love Young Scientist magazines, so this is totally up their alley!

This series includes comics on:

1. 动物 Animals
2. 人体 Human Body
3. 宇宙 Universe
4. 发明发现 Inventions and Discoveries
5. 物理化学 Physics and Chemistry

6. 机器人 Robots
7. 屎屁 Poop and Fart
8. 青春与性 Youth and Intimacy
9. 大脑探险 Exploring the Brain
10. 能量与能源 Energy and energy sources

11. 有毒的与珍惜的动植物 Poisonous and Rare Plants and Animals
12. 海洋与海底 Ocean and the Bottom of the Ocean
13. 南极与北极 South and North Pole
14. 电与磁 Electricity and Magnetism
15. 火箭与人造卫星 Rockets and Man-made Satellites

Why we love this series:

  • Entertaining!
  • Super funny with humorous characters
  • Bite-sized - each Q&A is 2 pages long, so we can read as many or as little as we like, depending on how much time we have
  • Lots of high frequency words
  • Links to science facts and real phenomena that we can further research on, if the kids are interested

Check out the pages within, for a peek into the contents, and the level of difficulty of the text.
There's a story in Book 1 that has references to 西游记 that my kids appreciate and love!

Recommended for Ages: 6-12
Pages: about 200 per book
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 【韩】都基成
Translated from: Korean
Translated by: Various

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