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苍蝇小子 Fly Guy Bridging Books (Set of 9)

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In these captivating readers,
award-winning author and illustrator Tedd Arnold
brings non-fiction to life!

These are fact-filled fun reads for parents to read with little ones,
or for older ones to read on their own.

Features we love:

  • Fun facts, humorous comments by 苍蝇小子 Fly Guy and 嗡嗡 Buzz
  • Vivid realistic photographs
  • Lots and lots of references to real people, events, places that we can research on if kids are interested
  • I love that there is depth AND breadth in each topic
  • Some facts are presented in a journal / sketchbook style on lined paper,
    a nice example and reference for kids to eventually do their own research on topics they like

Titles included and some things we learn from within:

  • 和苍蝇小子一起游览蝙蝠洞 Fly Guy Presents: Bats
  • 和苍蝇小子一起参观城堡 Fly Guy Presents: Castles
  • 和苍蝇小子一起走进恐龙博物馆 Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs
  • 和苍蝇小子一起揭秘消防员 Fly Guy Presents: Firefighters
  • 和苍蝇小子一起探寻鲨鱼 Fly Guy Presents: Sharks
  • 和苍蝇小子一起寻找蛇的踪迹 Fly Guy Presents: Snakes
  • 和苍蝇小子一起遨游太空 Fly Guy Presents: Space
  • 和苍蝇小子一起探究天气奥秘 Fly Guy Presents: Weather
  • 和苍蝇小子一起探索昆虫王国 Fly Guy Presents: Insects

Recommended for Ages: 5-10
No. of Books: 9
Pages: 32 per book
Format: Softcover 
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author/Illustrator: Tedd Arnold
Translated by: Various

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