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西游记 Journey to the West (Set of 10)

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Follow Tang Buddhist Monk 唐三藏 and his disciples 孙悟空,猪八戒 and 沙悟净  as they go on their legendary pilgrimage to the Western Regions to obtain sacred texts 西天取经, returning after much trials and adventures.

Special features of this set:

  • Comes with 汉语拼音 pinyin aid
  • Written simply for second language learners in Singapore
  • Contains 10 stories that are more popular and well-known - some that I remember from my own childhood!

Titles included:

  • 《美猴王出世》

  • 《海龙宫夺宝》

  • 《齐天大圣》

  • 《大闹天宫》

  • 《三打白骨精》

  • 《真假美猴王》

  • 《三借芭蕉扇》

  • 《盘丝洞大战》

  • 《比丘国降妖》

  • 《大战玉兔精》

Fun fact:
Journey to the West 《西游记》 is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature 四大名著, the other 3 being  Romance of the Three Kingdoms《三國演義》, Outlaws of the Marsh《水滸傳》and Dream of the Red Chamber《红楼梦》.

This set of Journey to the West comics is pitched at a simpler level, with illustrations
- a perfect introduction to 四大名著! Good to expose our kids to wonderful literature works early on.

Recommended Age: 5-12 years old
No. of books in set: 10
Format: Softcover

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