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闹闹新现代学生心态写真系列 Nao Nao New Portraits of the Modern Day Student Series

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Highly recommended stories for local primary school students!

闹闹 comics have brought lots of joy to many local families, and this round we're bringing the short story format of these books!

Answering some quick questions:

  1. Are the stories same as the Nao Nao Comics?

    Yes, the storyline of most stories are the same!

  2. What's the different about this set, as compared to the Comics set then?

    There's more text, in complete sentences.
    Less but bigger pictures, Drawing style is slightly different but otherwise content is similar.

  3. Why read the same stories in a different format?
    • The comic version has lots of sound effects, short sentences, lots more illustrations in single frames, so that kids can understand even if they cannot read all the words.
    • This short story version builds kids' stamina to read slightly longer text-only stories in passages, but with characters and stories that they are familiar with
    • Model writing in complete sentences and proper punctuation. Includes narrative format and conversations in quotation marks too.

So many times I find my kids quietly reading and chuckling away… in the living room, on their beds, in the car! My 2 year old daughter loves to flip on her own and see the pictures!

My Primary 1 and 3 boys are especially loving these Nao Nao stories because

✅ it’s funny
✅ content and scenarios are based on Singaporean primary school life, very relatable
 narrative stories that are long (a good thing according to them, because they get to enjoy for a longer time)
✅ the stories contain lots of high frequency Chinese characters, and the pictures give contextual clues, so he can follow the storyline on his own. Confidence booster!
 simple language used, with good phrases and idioms sprinkled in 💪🏻 (mama likes the latter because it adds depth to the content, and we can learn more if kids are interested)

One unexpected benefit I’ve discovered while reading through this set of stories - is that having many many books in a series builds their motivation, stamina and appetite for reading!

There are 3 Series for the short stories, divided by level:

Series 1 - Set of 5 - For Primary 1 & 2


  1. 闹闹是班长
  2. 闹闹说谎话
  3. 闹闹的假期
  4. 闹闹拔牙记
  5. 闹闹的宠物


Series 2 - Set of 5 - For Primary 3 & 4


  1. 闹闹这一班
  2. 闹闹是阅读王
  3. 闹闹的课外活动
  4. 闹闹的体能测验
  5. 闹闹的“怪病”?

Series 3 - Set of 3 - For Primary 5 & 6


  1. 闹闹的手机
  2. 闹闹的小发明
  3. 闹闹与土豆


    Suitable for ages: 6-12
    Format: Softcover

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Nao Nao is my daughter's fave series!

    My daughter first discovered the Nao Nao series at 5yo and fell in love with the humourous storylines. The stories are quick paced with colourful graphics and the subject matters covered engage kids well. I've since purchased every single book in the series for her. At 6 going 7, she is able to read Series 1 by herself and is motivated to read because she loves laughing along with the funny stories.

    My girl loves 闹闹

    great recommendation from my story treasury. My girl loves the 闹闹 series. She will choose to read these books on her own. The characters are loveable and scenarios are relatable.

    Love it

    My kids don't like Chinese but found this series relatable and funny. Worth purchasing especially for kids in local primary school.