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闹闹漫画系列 Nao Nao Comic Series

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Highly recommended Chinese comics for local primary school students!

We’ve reviewed these for a couple of weeks before sharing - and my 6 and 8 year old boys really enjoy it.

So many times I find them quietly reading and chuckling away… in the living room, on their beds, in the car!

My Primary 2 boy is especially loving these comics because
✅ it’s funny
✅ content and scenarios are based on Singaporean primary school life, very relatable
narrative stories that are long (a good thing according to him, because he gets to enjoy for a longer time. Some other comics stories we have are shorter)
✅ the stories contain lots of high frequency Chinese characters, and the pictures give contextual clues, so he can follow the storyline on his own. Confidence booster!
simple language used, with good phrases and idioms sprinkled in 💪🏻 (mama likes the latter because it adds depth to the content, and we can learn more if kids are interested)
✅ at the end of each story, there’s a Helpdesk section - list of slightly complex vocabulary with hanyu pinyin and English translation.
I love it when my 8 year old explains some of the concepts to my perplexed 6 year old. Little bit of induction going on before entering Primary 1 (:

One unexpected benefit I’ve discovered while reading through this set of comics - is that having many many books in a series builds their motivation, stamina and appetite for reading!

There are 3 Series for 闹闹 comics, here are some samplers of the topics:

1. 闹闹漫画乐园 Nao Nao Comics (Set of 5)

Published: 2016

  • 《上学乐》 First day of primary school 
  • 《闹新年》Chinese New Year
  • 《白老师生病了》Teacher falls sick
  • 《考试冲冲冲》Exam preparation
  • 《童子军》Scouts volunteering activity 

2. 闹闹漫画街 Nao Nao Comics Street (Set of 4)

Published: 2018-2019

  • 《闹闹说谎话》Telling lies
  • 《闹闹的假期》School holidays
  • 《课外活动》Co-curricular activities
  • 〈体能测验》Fitness test
  • 《手机惹的祸》Mobile phones 

3. 闹闹漫画村 Nao Nao Comics Village (Set of 3)

Published: 2019

  • 《闹闹的志愿》Dreams and ambitions
  • 《闹闹下象棋》Chinese chess
  • 《闹闹不吃菜》Eating vegetables
  • 《闹闹的一日游》Day tour 
  • 《猴子闯祸》Monkey mayhem

Other topics discussed include:

  • Responsibility and civic-mindedness
  • Roles of a class monitor
  • What to do in times of emergency - dial 995 for ambulance
  • Calling each other names
  • Cheating in exams - sharing is not caring here
  • Forgetting to prepare for spelling 听写 😱

and more!

Some terms we’ve learnt from reading these series

  • 天才 tiān cái - genius
  • 系好安全带 jì hǎo ān quán dài - buckle seatbelt
  • 小气 xiǎo qì - petty
  • 作弊 zuò bì - cheat

Learning is stress-free and their self-motivation is high 😍

What are the similarities and differences between these 3 series?

    • Same main character 闹闹, with his family, friends and neighbours
    • Each book contains 3 stories
    • Differing number of books in the set - 5, 4, and 3 books per set respectively
    • Different storylines and topics covered
    • For the Helpdesk section: 2 out of 3 series have page numbers indicated next to the vocabulary for ease of finding!
    • Only for 闹闹漫画乐园 Nao Nao Comics (Set of 5), at the bottom of each page, there’s a little character with some food for thought. I find it a lovely touch! And helps us reflect on what we read

Suitable for ages: 6-12
Format: Softcover
Number of Pages: About 124-138 per book

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Xueling Lee

Even I enjoy this book! It’s a humorous take on common primary school situations. Funny and super enjoyable, but it teaches some good lessons as well. (Eg cheating is NOT helping your friend!) Elements like the help desk make this educational but not too overtly. This is a fun read especially for kids going to primary school or in early primary.

May Lee
Excellent Customer Service

Thanks Lin Xin for addressing all my order issues and being so patient with me! x

闹闹漫画系列 Nao Nao Comic Series - 3. 闹闹漫画村 Nao Nao Comics Village (Set of 3)

My two boys (6 and 9) are enjoying the funny antics that naonao and his friends get into. My 6 yo loves looking at the pictures as he recalls the story we read together and would laugh to himself, sometimes asking his brother to help read the words so that he can remember them. A keeper to get kids interested in reading chinese books!

Love it!

My oldest loves this very much, and goes from one book to the next very quickly! I have not seen him devouring a Chinese book so quickly and enthusiastically. Thank you for the wonderful recommendation, Linxin :)

Magdeline Zee
Engaging for kids not interested in Chinese

I bought this set for my daughter who just started Primary 1 last year and was uninterested in anything Chinese. She picked it up and has been super engaged ever since. The relatable content e.g. familiar classroom setting, make for an entertaining read. She may not understand all the words but the comic format helps her to understand the story and learn the corresponding words. She finds it very funny and I often find her giggling to herself. Her giggles has also spurred her younger sister 5yo who refuses to speak Chinese to also pick up the books and browse through. These books can occupy them for up to 1 hour at times. Highly recommended!