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加一笔变新字 Add A Stroke, Make a New Character

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[Note: Box come slightly dented, but cards within are in great condition!]

After my kids have learnt some Chinese characters,
I was looking for a way to teach them to analyse the characters they know,
to make connections, notice similarities and differences,
for example

  • recognise which characters are 独体字 simple characters, or 合体字 compound characters
  • identify the typical configurations of compound characters
  • combine math and mandarin
    • if we add only 1 stroke, what new character can we form?
    • if we subtract 1 stroke?
    • what radicals or words can we add to form a new character?
    • if I multiply this character, can I form a new character?

This versatile set of 100 characters is a really fun way
to help our child find meaning in the characters they learn!

If you have 一, what will you get by adding a stroke?
Maybe 二,十,丁,厂,七 or even 乙!

How about 王?
If you add a stroke, you can get
玉,主,五,丑! Did you guess them all?

Why we love this set:

  • very versatile - many ways to play
  • handy to bring around - box is only about the size of an adult palm!
  • encourage higher order thinking to help our kids to learn to analyse and manipulate characters, not just rote memorisation
  • allow hands-on learning, perfect for kinesthetic learners
  • can be used by a parent-child duo with guidance,
    slightly older child on his or her own
    or as a game with a sibling or friend!

Items included in set:

  • 100 word cards with re-writable surface
  • 3 whiteboard markers with eraser tip
  • 1 mini whiteboard duster
  • Suggested answer key
    with hanyu pinyin of answers
  • Metal box with lid

Examples of characters in set

  • 万 

and more!

Ways to play, tried and tested by My Story Treasury
with children from ages 3-10, and adults too!

  • "Proper" way to play - add 1 single stroke to the character, to form a new one
  • Single player, or double player to compete who can complete more cards or in a shorter timeframe
  • On a piece of paper, challenge each other to write out all the different characters we can think of, 1 point for each answer
  • Lay out a selection of the word cards, and use them to 造句 make sentences!
    eg 天 + 上 + 白 + 云 = 天上有白云,地下有小草。

Customer Reviews

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Annabelle Phua
Compact, fun set of game cards

This set of game cards is compact and it includes everything you need in a little tin box. Makes it very easy to pop in the bag, and keeps the children occupied while waiting for food to arrive. I can see it being used in various settings (eg during commute)

It's versatile and can be played in more than one way. It's quite a good brain exercise as some requires more thought. Learnt a few new words in the process.

Discovered my younger child tracing over the characters one day and realised it makes a good writing practice card for simple characters too.