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安全常识 互动游戏书 All About Safety

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Keep little hands busy and their minds thinking, with this interactive title. My kids love to lift the flaps and pull the tabs, while I love that they are learning about dangers and consequences!


On the last page there are numbers to call in times of emergency - be sure to change those numbers to whichever number applies locally for you! What you can do is put a sticker label on top with the right number.

In Singapore it's 999 for police, 995 for ambulance and fire engine!

Format: Board book

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jiamin Han
Interactive way to share about safety issues

My kids love this book for its interactivity, and it has good examples of how they should behave in various settings to prevent themselves from getting into danger.

Jena Lim
Wonderful for children who loves interactive books!

This book is one of my 4yo's favourites for a while now, he absolutely loves all the little flaps and movable parts - we've been reading this every night for over a week! Highlights many different scenarios like being in the mall, at the park, along the road, and even during natural disasters - would highly recommend parents read to the younger children if they are unable to recognize words/read by themselves :)

Interactive and highly engaging

The contents of this book is important to highlight to our little, fun-loving kids of the importance of safety knowledge, both physical and in interaction with other people in and outside our homes. The pop-ups are interactive and illustrations are highly engaging, as my 4-year-old (who is in the phase of shying away from Mandarin now) actively asks for me to read this book with her each night and is immersed in the details on each page. A great educational buy!


Many good safety tips in easy short phrases. Presents many scenarios that catches child's interest, including a few on natural disasters! Simple intro to child on what other countries experience and also to be thankful in Singapore!