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万能船长帮帮忙 Almighty Captain Helps Out (Set of 5)

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Once there was a boat called 嚓嚓号,
it could sail the seas and even fly in the air!
There was a man in the boat, 西普先生, the captain!
He is an extremely kind man
who always says "yes" to any request that comes his way.
What fun adventures would he have?


We really like

  • that there's hanyu pinyin, encouraging budding readers to enjoy books on their own!
  • adorable illustrations
  • funny storylines, and humorous characters
  • descriptive language used that can be used in our daily conversations or writing!
    eg book 1 - “自言自语地嘀咕着”,“这可是求之不得的事情”,“不费吹灰之力”, book 2 - "心里七上八下的“,"拳击冠军垂头丧气,坐到了地上。“,”鼓起了勇气“

Titles included:

  1. 《万能船长帮帮忙:寻找逃走的小海豚》
    Everyone's favourite dolphin at the aquarium, Yidou, is missing!
    Almighty Captain has a mighty task on his hands.
    Yidou loves chocolates, so Captain brings along 88 chocolates to try to bring Yidou back! Will he succeed?

  2. 《万能船长帮帮忙:陪世界练拳击》
    Almighty Captain receives a request to be the training partner for Mr Kangaroo, the world boxing champion! Of course Captain says yes! It's something totally new, do you think he'll do a good job?

  3. 《万能船长帮帮忙:送小雪人去南方》
    Almighty Captain has promised an old lady to send a snowman from the cold north to the warmer south! As he got nearer to his destination, the weather was getting hotter, and the snowman started to melt bit by bit.
    Can he finish his mission?

  4. 《万能船长帮帮忙:海宝宝想坐船》
    A huge sea baby wants to come on board Almighty Captain's little boat. Do you think Almighty Captain can make it work?

  5. 《万能长帮帮忙:召唤一头大鲸鱼》
    Almighty Captain has promised to summon a large whale to show a little boy at the dock. However, when the whale came near, the little boy was too afraid to speak! What should Almighty Captain do next?

Extension activities:

  • Head to East or West Coast Park etc to see boats by the seaside
  • Go to Singapore River, Changi ferry terminal etc to experience a boat, ferry or cruise ride
  • Visit Singapore Maritime Gallery or your local equivalent, to learn about our local maritime heritage 

Recommended for Ages: 5-9
Pages: 72 per book, mix of color and B&W illustrations
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin
Author: 【日】角野荣子
Illustrator: 【日】大村知子
Translated from: Japanese
Translated by: 周龙梅

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