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蚂蚁和西瓜 Ants and a Watermelon

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For the nature lover or food lover in you!

On a hot summer's day, an army of ants find a big slice of watermelon. Will would they do with it?

With vivid illustrations and funny details, this book captivates kids and sparks their imagination.

I bet you will remember this book the next time you eat a watermelon and see some ants moving along!

Singapore YES933FM DJ Siau Jiahui reads this for us here! Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fun and quick read

The book was short, without many words so it was good for my 2yo to sit through. The image of the ant's nest was interesting and the ending was really cute.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book! Glad that you enjoyed it (:

Interesting storyline

Both my 2 & 5 yo enjoyed the story! The author is v creative in portraying how the ants handle the watermelon as well as how they played with it at the end.

A fun read

My little one is just 6 months old and while she can't quite understand the storyline yet, she enjoys me reading the onomatopoeia in the book. The vibrant illustration is attention grabbing too.

Ames Chen
A laugh for the whole family

The ants take on a huge adventure in this cleverly written story of teamwork and creativity. The kids love to look for the few ants dozing or slacking off while the others work industriously. The ending is the best! Don't miss this!