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Be Kind, Be Cool, Be You! 善良,酷,做自己

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This is a book that should be in every home and school library!

188 life affirmations that I wish I've heard of earlier in life.

Our words to our kids over time will become their inner voice,
and stay with them long after they've outgrown our laps and left our nests.

Lifegiving words in Mandarin
can have a deep impact on our parent-child relationship,
how our kids see themselves and the world,

and their affinity with the language.

I think the words would be appreciated by someone who is unwell, feeling down, needs some care, a new friend / neighbour, grandparent or anyone at all!

Examples of affirmations that my kids especially like:

  • Everyone has slower days and that's OK 没关系,谁都有挣扎的时候
  • Good things will happen 好事一定会发生
  • Success doesn't have to be instant 成功有时不一定来得那么快
  • Smile, it suits you 你笑起来真好看
  • Believe that you CAN 相信自己,你可以

Some that give my mama heart strength and perspective:

  • Protect your energy 保持活力
  • Follow your own path 走自己的路
  • Don't be afraid to be imperfect and messy 别怕不完美和混乱
  • You don't have to prove anything to anyone 你不需要向任何人证明任何事亲
  • Bloom where you are planted 在那里扎根  就在哪里绽放
  • Keep your eyes on your own path 专心走自己的路
  • Stop worrying about things out of your control 不要为无法掌控的事焦虑

Notable encouragements for exam times or when kids are feeling down:

  • Slow progress is better than no progress 小小的进步  也好过原地踏步
  • Be proud of how far you've come 为你取得的进步 感到骄傲
  • You can do this 你能行
  • It's ok to make mistakes 做错了也没关系
  • Every day is a fresh start 每一天都是新的开始
  • Your best is always good enough 尽力就够了
  • It's ok if you feel sad for no reason 莫名地心情低落  也很正常
  • It's ok to take one step at a time 一次  进步  一点点  就很好

Reminders to bring joy and kindness to others

  • Be the reason someone smiles today 今天,让某个人因你而露出笑脸
  • The world needs your kind heart 世界需要你的爱心

Ways to use this book

  • Read it with our kids at bedtime
  • Leave it near the sofa or coffee table for browsing and conversation starters with guests
  • When child is feeling down, show them a relevant page to encourage them (:
  • Use the illustrations as drawing prompts! 
  • Find a quote that contains Chinese characters that your child is currently learning and display the revelant page
  • I've recently started taking pages out of the book to display these reminders as wall art in our home, and send it as little cards to others as a random kind act!

Do support the amazing author and illustrator Nikki Miles on Instagram and Patreon!

Recommended for Ages: 0-99
Pages: 192
Format: Softcover
Language: Bilingual - English and Simplified Chinese
Author / Illustrator: Nikki Miles
Translated from: English
Translated by: 喻之晓

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