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好习惯培养儿童绘本 Building Good Habits (Set of 10)

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This is a set of 10 books with total of 20 stories exploring themes of good habits, filial piety, responsibility, independence, care, courage and more!


  • Beautiful and gentle illustrations
  • Content is relatable to daily life
  • Help build our children's EQ
  • Hanyu pinyin
  • Animation with audio narration (via QR code at the back of each book)
  • 2 stories per book

Titles included:

  1. 再见蛀牙!Goodbye Cavities!
  2. 再也不挑食 I Won't Be Picky With Food Anymore
  3. 给妈妈的爱 My Love For Mum
  4. 寄给爸爸的爱 Sending My Love to Dad
  5. 我弄坏的我来修 If I Damaged It, I'll Fix It
  6. 爱洗澡的小猪 Little Pig Loves to Shower
  7. 美好的梦 Sweet Dreams
  8. 比比谁更棒 Let's See Who Is Better
  9. 第一天上幼儿园 The First Day At Kindergarten
  10. 我只选一件礼物 I'll Choose Just One Gift

 and more!

Suitable for ages 2-6
Type: Softcover
No. of Books: 10

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yuxi Fang
Teach good values

Bought these to fill birthday goodie bags for my 4-year-old. Love that they have hanyu pinyin so parents can easily read to their children. Teaches so many good values too. Plus it's two stories in one book - very value for money!

Love the hypy

Having the hanyu pinyin is a lifesaver for parents like me whose Chinese sucks. The stories are great, with good morals, and the pictures are very well drawn and pretty. The only thing is I wish they were people and not animals as it is sometimes a bit hard for my baby to differentiate

Jena Lim
Fun little pockets of character building!

I love how there's hanyupinyin in the books, there's two stories in each book too. Covers a few different topics such as separation anxiety, importance of tooth brushing, eating well, good hygiene, loved ones working overseas etc. Great as gifts too!

Dear Jena, thank you for sharing about these books! We like how there is a good range of topics covered, and you're right, this is a really popular choice for birthday goodie bags! (: Hope to send you another batch of good reads soon!