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淘气包明一 好习惯养成故事绘本 Cheeky Ming Yi - Building Good Habits (Set of 6)

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This set of 6 books tackles typical problems
that may arise in children's lives.
Learning from stories with relatable characters
is way better than incessant nagging from us parents!

Titles included:

  • 《如果不理发》If you don't get a haircut
  • 《如果不吃药》If you don't take medicine
  • 《如果不洗手》If you don't wash your hands
  • 《如果不赶紧上厕所》If you don't go to the toilet quickly
  • 《如果不吃青菜》If you don't eat vegetables
  • 《如果不洗澡》If you don't take a bath

It's an interesting take on healthy habits,
because the child in the story often does things
with undesirable consequences
that we can learn from.

There's a quote from Brandon Mull that goes: 
“Smart people learn from their mistakes.
But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others."

Seeing how the consequences of Ming Yi's poor decision play out,
often in a hilarious manner,
it helps our kids gain wisdom
to make better choices in their daily life.

Montessori friendly, as the characters are based on reality!

Suitable for ages: 3-8
Format: Softcover
Author: 黄小衡
Illustrator: 棉花糖
Language: Simplified Chinese

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