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汉字真好玩 Chinese Characters are Fun (Set of 2)

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Come explore 120+ interactive features,

where we can pull, push, flip and turn
to learn about 500 Chinese characters!

As our children progress in their Mandarin learning journey,
the characters they encounter get more difficult,
and it can be very discouraging.

How we can support our kids then?

Learning about the structure of words,
teaching them to identify the similarities and differences between characters etc
are great ways to help them make connections between these words,
to make it much easier and more fun to commit them to memory!

It's no longer about pure memorisation,
but making sense of characters!

This book covers 

  • radicals 部首
  • structures 结构
  • characters that are symmetrical 对称的字
  • characters that are similar 相近的字
  • characters made up of smaller parts 左右拼字/多步拼字

and allows us to experience different
音 sounds,
形 form, and
义 meaning of Chinese characters!

This is a helpful resource for intermediate learners of the Chinese language,
especially for children of ages 6-12
who are learning more complicated Chinese characters, and
enjoy making connections between things in the learning process.

Recommended for Ages: 5-99
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 老渔
Format: Softcover

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