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无图字卡 Chinese Word Cards (Set of 750)

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Update: New version of the set of 750 word cards come with colored strokes at the back.

Do you want to teach your child how to read Chinese books? Are you clueless about how to start teaching word recognition? 

Most children between the ages of 2-4 years old are ready to begin recognizing Chinese words. In fact, children are able to pick up reading Chinese before English, because Chinese characters look like pictures to them. Their brains capture the image as a picture. However, children are able to remember best when they are familiar with the word and have heard it and/or spoken it frequently. As such, the best words to start off with would be words like 爸,妈,and other family members and commonly used terms. 

Pictureless word cards are very useful as manipulatives when teaching word recognition. With black words on white background, the high contrast helps the child focus his attention on the word itself, without being distracted or drawn to colourful illustrations. Each word is on one card, to prevent confusion. The reverse side of each card shows the hanyu pinyin, radical, associated terms, number of strokes, order of strokes, and how the word can be used in a sentence. 

Every card has a hole punched in the corner so that the cards can be easily kept together. The cards are packaged in a cardboard box. Each card is water resistant, printed on both sides, has a thickness of 0.50mm, and is as hard as a credit card and cannot be crumpled or bent easily. Each set also comes with a list of words included in the set, and suggested activities and games to accompany the word cards to make learning more fun and engaging!

Suitable for children aged 2-8 years old. 


Here are some ways we have incorporated these cards into our home learning:


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A good buy!

The quality of the word cards is good. Suitable for schooling children who need to revise Chinese words that are commonly used. I like that it provides a sample sentence and hanyupinyin too.