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Digital Download - Common Birds Found in Singapore

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Do you know what the common local birds are called?

We've put together the names of birds
we see in the neighbourhood,

with hanyu pinyin
plus some fun facts,
so you can SAVE and
SHARE them with your child!

This post is inspired by
✨ July 2023 O-Level Chinese oral exam topic on pigeons
✨ article by @mothership on how secondary 3 students were stumped
✨ chats with @phrancphoo and more, on the importance of building conversational mandarin, not only cramming facts and spotting topics for exams
✨@ri.bicultural's recent post on pigeons

How to download the digital file:

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    There is no fee payable.
  • The PDF file will be sent to your email shortly after confirmation of order.

How to use this digital file:

  • Print out chart
    in A4 or A5 size as preferred.
  • You may wish to laminate them or
    place in plastic protection sleeves to protect it,
    or put it on a little clipboard -
    so it's easier for little ones to bring around
    and tick off with a pencil / washable marker
    as they find the birds
  • Before or after an outing, you may like to
    go through the names of the birds and share some fun facts
  • Enjoy some slow and child-led family time together outdoors

Do tag us on Instagram @mystorytreasury if you use it!

Conversation starters:

  • What body parts do birds have? 小鸟的身体有哪些部位?
  • What colour is this bird? 小鸟是什么颜色的?
  • Where do you think the birds live? 小鸟住哪里呢?
  • What do birds eat? 小鸟吃什么呢?
  • What can birds do, other than fly? 除了会飞,小鸟还会做什么?

Extension activities:

  • Go on a bird spotting walk around the neighbourhood!
  • Visit Bird Paradise in Mandai Wildlife Reserves
  • Go birdwatching at the parks like Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
  • Look for birds around the island, like
    • white-breasted waterhens at Jurong Lake Gardens,
    • white-crested laughingthrush at Bukit Batok Nature Park
    • red junglefowl (chickens) at Singapore Botanic Gardens
    • and if you're lucky, purple herons at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park!
  • Make a bird craft

     Extra links and resources

     Special thanks to @zeemag @soiltolois for your input 🕊️

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