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深见春夫桥梁书 Haruo Fukami Bridging Books (Set of 3)

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These stories with hanyu pinyin are so interesting to read
and perfect for lower primary school students!

Follow 嘭嘭嘭三人组, a trio of witty and funny characters
as they go on various adventures.

The author Haruo Fukami is known for whimsical and amazingly imaginative plots,
and he doesn't disappoint in this set of bridge books,
filling our afternoons with lots of  adventures that are out of this world.

In each story, there are crazy happenings,
sticky situations to get out of,
and riddles to solve.

Out of the 3 main characters, my kids and I are adore 甜甜圈甜大哥,
a doughnut who is really sporty and can go very fast... by rolling around!
大福饼福小妹 is really witty and
often comes up with wonderful ideas to get them out of trouble.
烤红薯薯二哥 is really strong and
often saves the day with his strength!

There are themes of optimism, unity and adventure in these books,
really fun and enjoyable for early readers!

I really appreciate that the books lie flat and
there's hanyu pinyin for optimal ease of reading.

It's so important to put the fun and joy back into reading
to motivate little ones and this is perfect.
My Primary 1 child has decided to bring these books to school for silent reading!

I must admit I enjoyed reading these wacky stories too.
Come and let your child rediscover the joy of reading here!

Titles in the series:

  1. 《猫头鹰城堡》Owl Castle

    In this adventure to Owl Castle, a long-necked monster flew over and kept licking them. Witty 福小妹 used chilli powder to chase her away (one of my kids' favourite scenes). They then came to an empty room, only to find a sticky liquid slowing seeping from the walls of the room. Oh my! It's the owl castle's stomach, they'll melt away if they don't escape in time. Will they be eaten up?


  2. 《解救肚脐公主》Save Princess Belly Button

    Oh no! The Toad Monster has kidnapped Princess Belly Button. The trio works together to capture Toad Monster in their trap!


  3. 《企鹅巴士游大海》Penguin Bus Travels the Seas

    A conch-shaped building mysteriously appears in an open space, and wow! When the trio enters the building and presses a seashell-shaped lift button, they get transported under the sea. As they drive the penguin bus, they get trapped by an octopus, get sucked in by 


Recommended for Ages: 5-9
Pages: 228
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin
Author: 深见春夫桥梁书 Haruo Fukami
Translated from: Japanese
Translated by: 田秀娟

Customer Reviews

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Adeline Ng
Love it!

My kids enjoyed this series of book and I managed to read the whole book in a sitting to my girls. Love that it has han yu pin yin so my p1 child can bring it to school for self reading. The stories are funny too!