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100层的房子,地下100层的房子,海底100层的房子, 天空 100层的房子,森林100层的房子 Hundred Storey Building Series

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One day 多奇 receives an invitation saying "Come to my home to play! I stay at the top of a 100 storey building" with a map enclosed. He then goes on an adventure up this most amazing building high up into the clouds, meeting plenty of interesting characters along the way. He finally finds the Spider Prince at the top, and gazes at the beautiful stars.

In the other 3 books, 地下100层的房子, 天空100层的房子 and 海底100层的房子, there are adventures in 100 storeys under the ground, in the air and under the sea as well. This bookset encourages kids to be imaginative, the sky's (or under the sea, underground's) the limit, to 100 storeys up (or below) and beyond!

“Think left and think right and think low and think high.
Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"
- Dr. Seuss

Recommended for Ages: 3-12
No. of Books: 2
Pages: 90
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author / Illustrator: 岩井俊雄
Translated by: 于海洋
Translated from: Japanese

Head over to my friend Dinah’s blog for a 6 day lesson plan on 100 层的房子!

Additional resources upon purchase:

  • Audio narration for all the books in the series.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beautiful and interesting illustrations

Kiddo loves this series as the storylines and illustrations are very interesting and colourful. She can spend quite a long time just admiring the illustrations. Happy with the purchase.

Thank you H for the review! Appreciate you sharing how your daughter enjoys these books. May they continue to bring her much joy!

Xueling Lee
Beautiful books!

My daughter ‘hates’ Chinese but has spent hours flipping through these books just admiring all the intricate illustrations. They’re beautifully imaginative! The Chinese level is a little difficult though and the words are small - not for independent reading for beginners!

100层的房子 (Set of 4)

My boys the books! They are highly captivated by the attractive illustrations that they kept wanting to read them over and over again! The few written words also allow many conversations between my boys and I on the other images. Highly recommend the books!

Wen Xiu Heng
super fun stories!

my 3yo loves the details of the books!

Jena Lim
Major loves for anyone who loves numbers!

Soooo my son loved the 100层巴士 book we had and I just knew this series would be another big love! We've been reading this multiple times everyday since receiving it hahaha!