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我学会了! I Can Do It Now!

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Humans have been using our hands and tools to do things for many centuries! Take a closer look at the amazing things we can do with our hands and the tools have been invented to solve problems!

This will be a lovely expansion on learning to use our hands to help ourselves and others.

Recently, I've been using this book to teach my older boys skills like how to use chopsticks, how to use and pass a pair of scissors to others, tie shoelaces, cut fruit, peel vegetables and more - and the visual guides have been really helpful.

Note: Most of the visual guides are designed for right-handers.
The author thoughtfully included a tip for left-handers, in the content page! Just put the book upside down in front of a standing mirror, then look at the examples in the mirror reflection. Mind-blown!


  • Adorable illustrations
  • Step by step illustrations on how to perform daily tasks using our hands
  • Simple and descriptive phrases
  • Extremely thoughtful details, and gentle reminders sprinkled throughout
  • I especially appreciated the interactive component - every section starts with a mini game to guess what the hand positions are used for. My boys had fun playing and guessing!

Main sections of the book with some examples of skills taught:

  • 吃饭,做菜 Eating and Food Preparation - How to use chopsticks, hold bowls, meal etiquette and how to use cutlery, bottle opener and more
  • 游戏,学习 Playing and Learning - How to hold a pencil, scissors, how to use hammer and nails, how to use a screwdriver and more
  • 生活 Life - Brushing teeth, using a dustpan, how to use a wash cloth, how to use umbrellas, tie shoelaces and more

Excerpt from the start of the book: 


    This is definitely a gem to help us parents build up our children's life skills!

    Recommended for Ages: 3-99
    Pages: 49
    Format: Hardcover
    Language: Simplified Chinese
    Author: Nagisa Tatsumi 【日】往本奈奈海
    Translated from: Japanese
    Translated by: 陈滢如

    Extension activities:

    • Try out all the activities within!
    • Find out more things we can do with our hands, like
      • fold origami
      • play instruments
      • showign care and oving our family eg through hugs
      • use rubber bands to make different shapes
    • Learn proper handwashing
    • Learn anatomy of human hands
    • Look for an online real x ray picture of hands and fingers to observe!
    • Play childhood games eg clapping games, camping songs with hand motions

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    Karin Chen
    My daughter is poring over it day after day

    My daughter can't really read Chinese characters independently but she loves the illustrations from the book. Great addition to the home library on useful skills to have :)