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互动有声书 成语故事 Idiom Stories Soundbook

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Here are some really lovely audio stories!

Features of this highly recommended soundbook:

  • Wonderfully recorded tracks with
    pleasant narration, and enjoyable background music!
  • Stories cover a good range of 20 classic idiom stories
  • Stories are written in simple language - easy to understand
  • There is a little activity at the end of each story - 成语接龙,反义词,idioms based on different themes etc. They expand discussion to 126 Chinese Idioms in all!
  • There are a few interactive features within - eg 亡羊补牢 has a man repairing the fence, 对牛弹琴 has a 3D pop-up cow.

There are 20 classic idiom stories including

  • 守株待兔
  • 拔苗助长
  • 愚公移山
  • 亡羊补牢
  • 铁杵磨针
  • 狐假虎威
  • 画蛇添足
  • 井底之蛙
  • 一鸣惊人
  • and many more!

 For overseas orders - sound book will be provided without batteries in accordance with shipping regulations. (2x AAA batteries required)

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