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成语 + 唐诗 卡 Illustrated Cards Chinese Idioms + Chinese Poems

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These are absolutely gorgeous cards on Chinese literature
that we can display in our home, like an art piece!

The illustrations are really lovely, and are
great conversation starters,
for little ones to learn classical Chinese in an engaging way.

It's never too early and never too late
to learn about the beauty of the Chinese language.

What I really love about this set, is that in each set,
there's an instruction booklet that
with tips to help us learn alongside our kids,
and suggestions for extended learning!

Cards have rounded corners,
are hole-punched,
and come with a sturdy plastic ring that can be opened and closed!

Let's learn and explore together!

Chinese Idiom Set

Chinese Idioms are fantastic! Idioms mostly contain a myth, historical fact or a fable story with only a few characters, and thus convey information more compactly and efficiently in conversation and writing. The cards in this box introduce Chinese idioms through their meaning and origin. 

Each of the 26 cards in the Chinese Idiom set contains

  • Idiom
  • Illustration
  • Pinyin of idiom
  • Explanation
  • Origin of idiom

Chinese Idioms included:

  • 磨杵成针
  • 掩耳盗铃
  • 愚公移山
  • 画龙点睛
  • 丢牛弹琴

and more!


Chinese Poem Set

Chinese poems are interesting! A sentence has such deep meaning with just a few simple words. The cards in this box introduce Chinese poems through their meaning and helps us appreciate them more.

Each of the 26 cards in the Chinese Poem set contains

  • Poem title
  • Poet
  • Illustration
  • Pinyin of entire poem
  • Explanation
  • Appreciation of the meaning of the poem

Poems included:

  • 悯农
  • 咏鹅
  • 春晓
  • 小池
  • 山行

and more!


Tips from MST:

  • I like to display such cards in a high traffic part of my home, like near the dining table, so that we can casually talk about it during the day when we're going about our routine.
  • For younger kids, we can concentrate on more of oral discussion, pointing out various elements in the illustrations, and helping them to relate to their life experiences.
  • For older kids, we can dive deeper into the historical backkground etc of the idioms and poems, and do follow-up work if they are interested.

Recommended for ages: 2 -10
Number of cards in set: 26

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