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怪杰佐罗力 Incredible Zorori (Set of 24)

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(Update: We have 6 series of 4 books each = total 24 books now!)

If you’re looking for a fun series of books with hanyu pinyin
to encourage your older child to enjoy reading,
look no further!

This is another gem that my older kids absolutely adore
(maybe even more than 闹闹漫画)
and often bury their noses in these books while relaxing after school!

Why we love it to bits:

  • It has little puzzles to solve,
  • cartoon strips here and there
    (my kids particularly enjoy the never-ending loop kind of cartoon strips within)
  • really funny storyline with some humorous yet endearing characters.
  • Has a variety of black-and-white and full-color illustrations,
    and very interesting placements of text!
  • Surprisingly, there's lots of descriptive phrases we can pick out to learn! We use it like a little textbook on some days, to stretch the learning. From time to time, the kids would pick out some nice terms or idioms and copy them out with hanyu pinyin and english definition, then we'd discuss how to use it in other contexts over oral sentence construction 口头造句!
  • It's one of the books that many kids will happily read *on their own* and ask for the next series (: 
  • Most text has hanyu pinyin so it's a major confidence boost
  • I like that some smaller text, comic strips or speech bubbles do NOT have hanyu pinyin, this gives kids a little push and chances to read without hanyu pinyin too!

MST Tips

  • I use the books as little rewards or gifts to celebrate milestones! Since my kids love these books, this is a great source of motivation
  • I also let each of my older boys open 1 book at a time,
    to encourage sharing of books between them
    and re-reading,
    then anticipating the next instalment to find out what happens next!

My 9-year-old wants to share his review with you:

“I like these books because they have hanyupinyin and are easy to read.
The main character is a fox called 佐罗力. He wants to become the worst baddie ever but accidentally helps people along the way and they think he is a hero. Along the way, he meets 伊猪猪 and 鲁猪猪. They both want to help him but fail many times.
Ease of reading: 10/10
Funny level: 8.5/10
My rating: 9/10
Plus: every bookcover has comics and some funny things!”


Suitable for ages 7 and up
Has Hanyu pinyin 

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