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隐形的人 - 阿公心爱的工作服 + 巴士司机 Invisible People Series - Ah Gong’s Uniform + The Bus Driver (Set of 2)

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This series of books is a tribute to a very special group of workers - cleaners and bus drivers.

Through these books, we can learn about the invisible people around us in the community.
People whose work are integral to society but whose contributions are rarely honoured.

Let's get to know these people around us,
greet them, thank them, hear their stories.

For we're all humans with struggles, dreams, families to love, and stories to tell.

Teaching our children virtues like respect, compassion, kindness and honour,
is something we cannot outsource as parents -
in fact it's very much our responsibility and privilege to do so
as stewards of our little ones in these years of their lives.

【隐形的人】系列是献给从事非常特殊工作的人。他们的工作让我们的世界变得更美好。然而,我们却未必将他们视为我们生活的一部分。让我们一起来认识这些“隐形的人”,向他们问好或说声 “谢谢”,让大家都能“看见”他们。

What we love about these books:

  • Heartwarming stories by Ames Chen @ameschen
  • Lovely illustrations by Jayl Chen @tokiostreets
  • Translation that is reflective of local lingo by Esther Foong-Tan @estherlaoshi
  • Relatable setting - scenes we see in daily life!
  • Honouring the invisible people in our community
  • Hanyu pinyin aid
  • Teaches little ones to show kindness and respect
  • Comes with additional activities and thought-provoking questions

Conversation starters:

  • What do you think goes on in a workday, of a bus driver?
  • What do you think goes on in a workday, of a cleaner? At the coffee shop / school / neighbourhood.
  • How do you think we can appreciate them or make their day?

Extension activities:

  • Visit SG Mobility Gallery to more about public transport in Singapore
  • Go on a local bus depot tour
  • Go on a bus ride during an off-peak timing, sit near the driver and observe what he does!
  • Go to a coffee shop near your home, order a drink and take time to observe the cleaners at work!
  • Consider doing something to show appreciation for the invisible people around us!
  • Watch videos to learn more about the local transport system, what goes on behind the scenes in a coffee shop etc

Recommended age: 2 and up
No. of pages: 32 per book
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin
Author: Ames Chen
Illustrator: Jayl Chen
Translated by: Esther Foong-Tan

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