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解剖书系列 Julia Rothman’s Anatomy Series

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This is an incredibly detailed and eye-opening work by the amazing Julia Rothman!

Why this reference is highly recommended:

  • Perfect companion and reference for parents who want to equip ourselves with nature, animals and food-related terms in Mandarin,
    to become prepared adults when we converse with our kids!
  • Gives us access to a vast amount of nature-related vocabulary without the need to keep translating it online!
  • Interesting for slightly older kids to flip through like a reference book
  • Useful for us to dive deeper into various topics or phenomenon the kids are interested in
  • The book is great to encourage kids (or us) to do simple realistic line drawings!

Sample topics in Nature Anatomy (Comes in set of 5 booklets)

  • Moon phases 
  • Layers of the atmosphere
  • Insects
  • Rotting Log
  • Life cycle of a butterfly
  • Parts of a fern

Sample topics in Food Anatomy (Comes in a single book)

  • Different kinds of corn
  • Parts of edible plants

Sample topics in Farm Anatomy (Comes in a single book)

  • History of tractors
  • Types of farm animals

Highly recommended!

Suitable for ages 5 and up
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: Julia Rothman
Translated from: English

Customer Reviews

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Nice illustrations

Bought the one on food anatomy. It was interesting to see the evolution of certain foods as well as humans‘ preferences and tastes. Tbh, it is more suitable for older children or adults. I’m enjoying the book more than my child. But both of us love to browse the book for the realistic illustrations of food, cutlery and raw ingredients.