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解剖书系列 Julia Rothman’s Anatomy Series

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This is an incredibly detailed and eye-opening work by the amazing Julia Rothman!

Why this reference is highly recommended:

  • Perfect companion and reference for parents who want to equip ourselves with nature, animals and food-related terms in Mandarin,
    to become prepared adults when we converse with our kids!
  • Gives us access to a vast amount of nature-related vocabulary without the need to keep translating it online!
  • Interesting for slightly older kids to flip through like a reference book
  • Useful for us to dive deeper into various topics or phenomenon the kids are interested in
  • The book is great to encourage kids (or us) to do simple realistic line drawings!

Sample topics in Nature Anatomy (Comes in set of 5 booklets)

  • Moon phases 
  • Layers of the atmosphere
  • Insects
  • Rotting Log
  • Life cycle of a butterfly
  • Parts of a fern

Sample topics in Food Anatomy (Comes in a single book)

  • Different kinds of corn
  • Parts of edible plants

Sample topics in Farm Anatomy (Comes in a single book)

  • History of tractors
  • Types of farm animals

Highly recommended!

Suitable for ages 5 and up
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: Julia Rothman
Translated from: English

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