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猫咪寿司店 Kitty Sushi Shop

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If your child loves cats and sushi, this book will be right up their alley!

A group of fish-loving cats were dreaming of all sorts of sushi,
when suddenly, a fish-shaped sushi shop on wheels came by!
The cats help to set up the cutlery while Big Brother prepares their sushi.
Excitedly, the cats ordered plate after plate of delectable sushi,
and soon realise that they have no money to pay!

The cats then follow Big Brother to catch more fish by the sea,
and WOW! the car turns into a boat and then a submarine!
With their fresh and bountiful catch, they head back to shore.

This time, the cats want to learn the ropes of how to make sushi,
and opened a second sushi store on wheels,
complete with sushi delivery on motorbikes!

Extension activities:

  • Eat sushi
  • Make sushi
  • Visit a cat cafe
  • Observe cats in the HDB neighbourhoods
  • Check out different kinds of food delivery vehicles
  • Visit a food truck

Recommended for Ages: 2-8
Pages: 30
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 【日】铃木守 Mamoru Suzuki
Translated from: Japanese
Translated by: 宋三三

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

My 3 year old girl requested me to read this daily to her after we first opened and read it - the illustrations are beautiful and we could learn more about the different types of fish in sushi. She was so tickled by how the cat caught the fish to make into sushi and we ate sushi while reading this book too!

Perfect book for my sushi and cat loving son

Learnt lots of Chinese names of seafood. Very cute and wholesome story!

ICYMI Uniqlo has a sushi cat pajamas set too

Kitty sushi shop

Perfect book for us because i love sushi while my daughter loves cats. The story is very interesting and the illustrations are very cute. My daughter and I really enjoyed the book.