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语言表达第一课 Language Expression (Set of 4)

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This is an excellent resource that will help
you and your child expand your vocabulary bank
beyond the basics!

Why we love this set and highly recommend it
- Humourous and adorable illustrations by Taro Gomi
- Occasionally filled with life's wisdom too!
- Filled with tons of details to pore over and things to learn
- Inspires us to be imaginative and creative
- Encourages reluctant kids to try drawing and writing!
- Empowers kids to use more details and descriptive words in speech and writing
- Awesome visual reference in our toolbox
- An extensive doodling reference guide too. In particular, the book on nouns has a few pages of simple drawings of many different children's faces!

Titles include:

  • 《名词》 Nouns
  • 《动词》 Verbs
  • 《形容词》 Adjectives
  • 《打比方》 Analogies

MST's recommended ways to use these books:

  1. Just enjoy the pictures!
  2. Discover that the same word can carry different meanings in different contexts
  3. Look for similar words
  4. Look for opposite words
  5. Copy out some doodles and phrases
  6. Come up with your own ideas to doodle and write!

Another useful reference to target vocabulary and nouns in speech and writing will be 欢乐学习看图词典 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd edition) - Bilingual! Don't miss this!

Here are other titles by Taro Gomi too!

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