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性别常识 互动游戏书 Learning about Genders

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Keep little hands busy and their minds thinking, with this interactive title.

When kids start to ask about the difference between boys and girls, or when they are curious why boys stand to pee while girls sit down - it may be a signal for us parents to start sex education!

A rule of thumb, introduce anatomical names of private parts from the start, and explain the need for mutual respect! There is no need to be too graphic or too detailed, but we can use books as springboards for conversations, to share factual information to protect our kids.

Some topics for discussion, from this amazing and interactive title:

  • Are there male and female plants?
  • Where do babies come from?
  • How do babies grow in the mummy's tummy?
  • What makes a boy or girl? Simple explanation on DNA
  • DIfferent body parts in different genders
  • How our body changes over time, from infancy, to childhood, puberty, adulthood and old age
  • How to take care of our bodies eg don't hold our pee, shower often etc
  • Interacting with members of the opposite sex
  • Good touch and bad touch
  • What to do when we meet a person who makes you feel uncomfortable or puts you into danger
  • Getting married and setting up families

and many more!

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Additional resources:
PDF download for this awesome PDF handout by SIngapore Children's Society for caregivers and parents to safeguard our children from sexual abuse.

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Have you started talking about body safety with your child yet? 好书介绍《性别常识互动游戏书》 After @2mamas4kids shared about body safety, we dug out this book to read, and am introducing it to you guys today! Topics covered: -Genders in nature -Where do babies come from? -Boys and Girls -Growth of the body and its changes -Good touch and bad touch -Getting married and about families and more! First up, the kids go gaga over the flaps. This interactive book is definitely appealing to kids. I love how relatable the scenes and examples are! And how gently they introduce gender and even about mammals. An excerpt: “牛、羊、猪都属于哺乳动物。母的会产奶,喂养自己的宝宝。人类也是这样。” Tons of little facts to explore further should the little one be curious to ask! Ever wondered what are the proper names of private parts? This book has got you covered. One of my favourite parts of the book is a little graphic to explain how gender is determined via genetics. It’s interesting to know that it’s the father’s gene who determines the gender of the child! Both boys (5 and 7 year old) has started noticing the difference between themselves and papa, so we’ve had to talk about puberty on several occasions. This title offers excellent child-friendly illustrations and gentle explanations. Another topic that I appreciate being mentioned is on marriage and families. The interactive components and succinct descriptions make for awesome conversation starters and to delve deeper into the topic. We had countless conversations where the kids tried to figure out how surnames work, why do people get married, what to look for in a life partner, and the eventual reality that they may grow up and have families of their own. Till then, I’ll cherish the times we have to talk and read together! This just scratches the surface of how amazing this book is! We can’t always be with our kids forever, so it’s imperative to prepare them to face the world in our eventual absence. This book has been an invaluable tool in my parenting toolkit and I think it has a place in every single home. Secure your copy at mystorytreasury, under “Body Safety” Collection!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jena Lim
Great book about body safety and gender

My 5yo has been curious about body parts and difference between genders so this really helps! We love the little flaps and abundance of information while we have fun :)

Lots of dicussion points

I love going through this book with my 4yo. So many things to discuss and also many important lessons for the little one. Great book!

jenn chen
性别常识 互动游戏书 Learning about Genders

Graphics in the book is interesting, shows the 'birds and bees' in a cute manner. Easy to show my girl how to better protect herself. Illustrate child and adult body correctly. Thumbs up