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逛商店街 Let's Go Shopping

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37 stores are open 24/7 - come join our window shopping trip to see a

  • bookstore 书店
  • toy store 玩具店
  • vegetable shop 蔬菜店
  • bakery 面包店
  • stationery store 文具店

and more!

Why we like this book:

  • Adorable and brightly coloured illustrations 好温馨的画风
  • Lots of details to pore over
  • Great for building oral vocabulary
  • Scenes are suitable to write short compositions of few sentences!
  • We can go shopping anytime, anyday, without even leaving our home
  • Great for reading on a rainy day, or while waiting at a restaurant

Conversation starters / Things we talked about:

  • Difference between wants and needs
  • How to earn, save, spend money
  • Where does money come from? ATM? Credit Card?
  • Budgeting

Extension activities:

  • Go on an outing to neighbourhood stores, and let the child take some photos. When back home, compare the photo against a similar store in the book! What are the similarities and differences?
  • Write a shopping list, and brief child on what to say / how to buy in  Mandarin, and let the child lead the way!

Words to learn 好词好句:

  • 欢迎光临 huān yíng guāng lín - Welcome to our store
  • 谢谢光临 xiè xiè guāng lín Thank you for coming to our store
  • 琳琅满目 lín láng mǎn mù - Dazzling array, full of beautiful things
  • 应有尽有 yīng yǒu jìn yǒu - Having everything one would expect to find
  • 垂涎欲滴 chuí xián yù dī - Salivating


Recommended for Ages: 2 and up
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 【日】齐藤忍 Saito, Shinobu
Translated from: Japanese
Translated by: 郭孚

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
A fun book for kids to learn shopping vocabulary

I bought this book because i loved the Japanese illustrations and it definitely piqued the interest of my child to learn a diversity of vocabulary from these different shops. A fun book and a recommendation to learn the mandarin names of different provision shops!

Fun way to learn vocab

This book introduces a variety of different stores and the items you can buy at the stores. The beautiful illustrations are a plus. I didn't notice it, but my 3yo spotted that there was a fun "I spy" game for each store. Makes learning fun!

Value-for-money purchase!

This book is small, handy and reasonably priced yet chock full of vocab that we can acquire at our own pace. Definitely a keeper! The illustrations are captivating such that when we read the book, we feel like we are actually at the store. It comes with a little booklet of suggested activities to do with the book. I have tried asking my 7yo to think about which items she can purchase with a given amount of money, and how much change she will be given - learn math and Chinese at the same time! 😄. The illustrations in the book are an inspiration for doodlers as well.

Thank you Joen for your review! It's true that the illustrations are so rich and detailed that it seems like we're there at the store. Love your extension activities post-reading too!

A visual treat

Love the illustrations! Many, many details to pore over. And we can go window shopping anytime and anywhere. Learning new words from the labels in the stores which is helpful when we go actual shopping and point out the items available.

Best of both worlds

Striking two birds with a stone with this book. You get to explore slightly different culture of a Japanese market yet in learning terms in Mandarin which is more day to day. The cute size of this book caught my attention, great for toddlers and rich in illustrations.