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来帮忙喽! 家务小帮手 Let's Help Out with Housework!

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This book may be more for me than for the kids!

I've always been fascinated with the concept of o-soji in Japanese schools, which translates as "big cleaning". Students pitch in to clean up their classrooms, and even serve lunch.They learn from young to clean up after themselves and learn skills necessary for life.

This is a life skill that I'd definitely like to have in my children, so I'm really excited to go through this reference book on keeping the house clean! Over the past few months, I've been using this book to learn some homemaking skills alongside my older boys, and the visual guides have been especially helpful.


  • Adorable illustrations
  • Endearing conversations in speech bubbles between members of the family
  • Step by step illustrations on how to perform daily household tasks
  • Simple and descriptive phrases (without condescending tones and nagging!)
  • Extremely thoughtful details, and gentle reminders sprinkled throughout
  • At the start of each category of housework, there's a two-page spread with a seek-and-find element and food for thought
  • I especially appreciate the column at the end of each category, that explores why each type of housework is important, like 把生活场所整理干净,心也变得清爽干净。穿上干净整洁的衣服,感觉整个人都精神了。为喜欢的人做菜,让彼此心意相通。帮忙做家务,家人感情更融洽。
  • At the end of the book, there is a seek-and-find challenge for things hidden in the rest of the book!

Main sections of the book with some examples of skills taught:

  • 打扫和整理 Cleaning and tidying up - How to wring a cloth and wipe up spills, using the vacuum cleaner
  • 洗衣和收纳 Washing clothes and organisation - How to hang clothes, wash clothes
  • 饭前准备和饭后收拾 Preparation before meals and Post-meal cleanups - How to wash and cook rice, how to plate chicken nuggets, and scoop Miso soup, setting the table
  • 生活 Life - Arranging shoes, how to dry umbrellas, changing the toilet roll when it runs out, how to top up shampoo using a refill pack

Excerpt from the start of the book: 



  1. 家人请你帮忙时, 要开心地接受。
  2. 我们来约定五件事吧。
  3. 家人警告你不可以做的事,就绝对不能做。
  4. 不可半途而废,要坚持到最后。
  5. 仔细观察家人的做法,并用心记住。

I really like these principles to train ourselves and our children to do our part to maintain our home, and it can definitely help in habit and character training!

Recommended for Ages: 3-99
Pages: 47
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: Nagisa Tatsumi 【日】辰巳渚⁠⠀
Translated from: Japanese
Translated by: 陈蕙慧

Here‘s a video of soji practised in Japanese schools:


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jiamin Han
Helps children understand how to help practically at home

This book provides great illustrations of various general chores that children can support with at home. It even explains the steps of how they can go about each chore, and helps children understand the importance of contributing to the family in this area.

Geneca Tan
Awesome book to kickstart the kids' journey to doing household chores

A great introductory book to kids on the techniques for doing household chores. Clear and simple steps with pretty illustrations to show how the chores can be done. As parents we are also picking up some techniques to improve the way we do our chores :)

Excellent for getting kids on board with chores!

This book definitely helps me (SAHM) to work myself out of the job! Each task is explained and illustrated in simple steps for children and adults to follow! Great for training the husband as he reads with the kids too 🤣

Fang Ting
Cute book on the techniques of doing household chores

Not only the kids are learning, I am picking up some useful tricks from this book too! A montessori-friendly book suitable for 18mth old and above. Children feel a sense of empowerment when they are given a chance to help out in household chores. This book gives parents an idea of how children can help out since young.