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手指点读系列 宝宝学说话有声书 Let's Learn to Speak Soundbook

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If you're looking to help improve your child's spoken Mandarin,
do NOT miss this!

This comprehensive soundbook helps the beginning learner gain confidence in spoken Mandarin! Here's a look at the contents covered and what we can learn:

  • Listen to the sounds around us - onomatopoeia (sound words) 
  • A child's day - nouns, verbs
  • Amazing changes in nature - onomatopoeia, nouns, verbs, adjectives
  • Let's compare - opposite words
  • What is Baby doing? - Introduce more vocabulary
  • Where is Baby going? - Extension of vocabulary into sentences
  • Manners - Typical daily conversations 
  • Learning sentences - Speaking in complete sentences
  • Little Rabbit's Family - Encouraging back and forth conversations
  • Fun games - Hand-eye coordination, oral motor skills etc
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Stories - Tell short stories based on sequenced pictures

Why we love this soundbook

  • Thoughtfully designed to nurture kids' confidence in the spoken language
  • Comes with explanation of the pedagogy behind the book
  • Has tips on how to maximise the usage of the book eg what to do based on which stage of language learning your child is at!
  • Contains 200+ sounds and facts
  • Comes with Question-and-answer function too
  • Very relatable topics for kids
  • Words and phrases be easily incorporated into our own conversations at home right after learning from the book!
  • Audio tracks are pleasant - great for us to learn proper intonation (:
  • A great resource for parents to learn how to improve our child's spoken language
  • Suitable for use with the parent, or on their own (older toddler and up)


  • Comes with a USB charging cable - no batteries included.
  • Has volume buttons + / - and ON / OFF button

Recommended for Ages: 1 and up
Pages: 23
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese

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