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生命周期翻翻书 Life Cycle Interactive Books (Set of 3)

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This is a stellar set of 3 books exploring life cycles.


  1. 动物 Animals - cat, chicken, etc
  2. 植物 Plants - grapes, peanuts, lotus etc
  3. 昆虫 Insects - butterfly, ant etc

Each page features

  • Bilingual name
  • A rhyme
  • Life cycle depicted
  • Interesting fact!

What we love about it

  • Handy size suitable even for toddlers (just watch the flaps!)
  • Lovely and colorful illustrations, mostly realistic
  • Interactive flaps are a nice touch to engage busy hands
  • Reminds us of the circle of life, in every seed lies great potential 

Recommended for Ages: 1-8
Pages: 10 per book
Format: Board book with flaps
Language: Simplified Chinese

Customer Reviews

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love the graphics!

simple for my 4yo to understand and relatable for her. I love the little rhyme accompanying each life cycle.

my 10mo baby flips through the book too and I love that its hardy so I don't worry about the pages being damaged