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小企鹅去旅行 (全4册) Little Penguins Go on a Holiday (Set of 4)

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This series of novels by Japanese author Kudo Noriko will enchant your children and make them coming back for more! Follow the family of penguins as they travel around on various modes of transportation in this series.

Titles included:

  1. 《坐着火车去旅行》Travelling on a Train
    The three young penguins ate their fill and boarded the train. What was the experience like on the train? On the train, what can you do? When you step off the train, what should you pay attention to? Come and travel with the small penguins and have an enjoyable ride with the tasty bento, and vibrant street in front of the station!

  2. 《坐着轮船去旅行》Travelling on a Ship
    The three young penguins said their farewell to their grandparents and boarded a large ship. What's it like on board? Onboard a vessel, what can and cannot be done? What are some fun spots to visit by boat? Come along on a joyful journey with the adorable penguin siblings!

  3. 《坐着飞机去旅行》Travelling on a Plane
    The three young penguins boarded the plane after saying their goodbyes to their uncle's family. What's it like to travel by plane? On a plane, what can you do? What should I do if I need to transfer because the airport is so large? In-flight meals are yummy, a dazzling choice of airport duty-free shops, towering snow-capped mountains. Come fly with the little penguins and have a wonderful time!

  4. 《坐着巴士去旅行》Travelling on a Bus
    The three young penguins bid their grandparents farewell and boarded the bus. What was the experience like on the bus? What can you do and what can't you do on the bus? What are some fascinating attractions that you can visit by bus? A lovely forest viewing platform, a delectable lunch, and a delightful swan park. Come along with the adorable penguins and enjoy the ride on the bus!

Recommended for Ages: 2-6 years old
Pages: 128
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: [日]工藤纪子 Kudo Noriko
Translated from: Japanese

Written by the same author as the ever popular 幸福小鸡系列 Happy Little Chicks (Set of 6) and 野猫军团 Wildcat Army (Set of 5)!

Additional resources upon purchase:

  • 🔊 Audio narration of all 4 books

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great for toddlers

I got this series because my daughter really enjoyed the Little Chicks series. As usual, the author has beautifully detailed illustrations which allow for conversations beyond the storyline. My daughter also really enjoyed the travel theme and the various modes of transport taken during each travel/book.

Suitable for 3yo

Bought this series as my child enjoyed the Little Chicks and Wild Army Cat series. Shorter series of 4 books with interlinked storylines of penguins visiting their relatives. Many details /side storylines - the penguin boss who bade farewell to his wife and refuse the fancy limousine for the sled, the backpacking penguin who bought souvenirs for friends everywhere and got off the bus to take the cable car and boarded at a later stage.. I enjoy the book a lot too!

Amazing 10/10 would recommend!!

Delivery was quick (and free above min spend), and the books arrived in great condition and quality. Art is really so cute even the adults would love it! Definitely recommend this seller to all SG parents who are having their kids learn Chinese!

Great travel themed set of books!

My 2.5 yo asks so many questions when we read these books because the illustrations are so detailed! I really like that it covers different modes of transport so I pick and choose which is the most relevant to us at the moment to introduce to her. Love the plane one for prepping her for her first plane ride last year :)

V enjoyable read

The adventures of the three penguins on the various modes of transport really amuse my two boys aged 4 and 6. Appreciate the han yu pin yin for certain difficult words which appear. Simple text but it provides ample space for further discussion with the vivid pictures. Recommended!