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Mandarin Chinese-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary

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A must-have for every family learning Mandarin Chinese and English!


  • Book covers extensive range of topics and subtopics, like
    • 人 people - body, face, reproductive organs, relationships, emotions, life events
    • 外表 appearance - children's clothing, accessories, hair
    • 家居 home - house, living room, kitchen, kitchenware, toolbox, gardening
    • 购物 shopping - supermarket, chmist, shopping centre
    • 食物 food - meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, grains and pulses, herbs and spices, bottled foods, breads and flours, drinks
    • 学习 study - school, maths, science
    • 交通运输 transport - bus, car, bicycle, train, aircraft
    • 日常便览 reference - time, calendar, weights and measures, numbers, world map & flags, useful phrases
      and more!
  • contains real photographs of items and places
    (Montessori-friendly, helps children relate what they learn to reality)
  • Some items even contain the cross-section view! (super cool!)
    eg fruits and nuts

What we love about this

  • Lightweight but packs a punch!
  • About the size of an adult hand, suitable to bring out with us
  • Every term has Chinese, hanyu pinyin, English translation
  • Even the topics and subtopics at the top of each page have hanyu pinyin!
  • Some pages include a list of commonly used terms,
    and even conversational phrases!
    Eg on the page on restaurant - there is list of related terms like 特色菜 specials, 消费 tip, 收据 receipt, and even shares conversational phrases like 能让我看看菜单吗?Can I see the menu please?

How to use this

  • As we move about our home, community or neighbourhood, we can look at the related pages
  • If child has a high interest topic, we can delve deeper 
  • Practise conversational phrases in Mandarin, included within!
    By ordering food, taking the bus, buying fruits and more
  • This will actually be an excellent book to bring along when travelling, or when we have lots of time to spare to go pore through the detailed pages with our child

Additional Resources

  • Free audio app, instructions on page 9 of book

Recommended Age: 2 and up
Format: Softcover
Number of Pages: 360
Language: Bilingual English-Simplified Chinese, Hanyu Pinyin

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