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地图 Maps

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This book is a breathtaking collection of maps around the world,
that I truly believe has its place in every single family and library.

The book of maps presents a breathtaking array of info, covering:

  • 7 continents
  • 4 oceans
  • 62 countries
  • 280+ animals
  • 1400+ plants
  • 360+ interesting flora
  • 350+ leisure activities and sports
  • 300+ historical figures
  • 800+ famous landmarks and buildings
  • 200+ traditional costumes
  • 600+ traditional cuisines

For every country, they also show:

  • Scale indicator
  • Capital
  • Language(s) spoken
  • Population size
  • Area 
  • Traditional Costumes
  • Common names of children

Why we really love and highly recommend this:

  • Excellent learning resource about geography, countries, flags, customs, famous people of the world, traditions and more!
  • Is an awesome resource to prepare for an upcoming trip or vacation
  • A reference book with tons of mileage, across the years, across siblings, for the whole family
  • Can spark lots of conversations and curiosities
  • Gives us more context of countries when we learn about current affairs happening globally
  • Encourages bilingualism by giving a very meaningful context to learning Mandarin
  • Celebrates world diversity
  • Showcases so much breadth, depth and history to every country
  • Montessori-friendly, suitable for children of different planes of development

Tried and tested tips on how to maximise this book / Things to learn:

  • Follow our child's leading, interests, and development needs in exploring this book! No need to "force" learning of every single element of every single country. Leave the book somewhere accessible, and maybe point out one or two things in a page. Perhaps our child may flip through on their own, and something may catch his attention. Then, we can always just zoom in, and dig deeper.
  • Display the open book to your page of choice, and leave it in an area of the home with possibly higher foot traffic - when family members pass by, they make take a glance. Even if the kids don't directly engage with the pages, it could spark some curiosity!
  • Research about the country you are going to visit in the near future, to get kids excited and get them involved
  • Choose some food to eat (yum!),
    things to buy (If we can spare a small budget of a few dollars for a particular shopping place, kids will really love this! From experience, letting kids choose a snack, toy or souvenir is really memorable and they'll usually be very happy) or
    places to go,
    from the book,
    and incorporate them into your itinerary
  • When we read of global happenings in the news, we can read up more on the particular country to get a deeper understanding of the land and its people
    eg Turkey and Syria earthquakes, Australian bush fires, Russia-Ukraine war
  • Get an English version of the same book, so that we have an instant reference / translation, I find it reduces our cognitive load when picking up new Mandarin terms, it's less difficult to understand all the terms
  • Pair the learning from the book, with extension activities like
    • watching documentaries
    • buying / preparing / eating food! (Always fun)
    • watching videos of life in that country
    • visiting a related store, restaurant, art gallery or museum
  • Learn map reading from a real country map or world map
  • Observe the similarities and differences between the country flags
  • Learn about the various languages of each country - just for fun, we can even Google Translate simple words and phrases like hello, thank you, goodbye, I love you into the local language, and listen to it being read out if available
  • Listen to cultural music reflective of the country
  • Learn about different continents (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia) and the countries within, without needing to leave the home

This is but a glimpse of the rich discoveries and conversations to come!
Hope that it will enrich your learning (:

Recommended for Ages: 3-99
Pages: 150
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Authors: Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski (from Poland)
Translator: 冯婷 等

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