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米小圈 Mi Xiao Quan Series

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If you're looking for some really funny books meant for primary school children,
these are awesome!

Mi Xiao Quan is a really popular series in China,
because of its funny storylines and humorous characters.
with lots of adventures with his family, teachers and friends.

米小圈脑筋急转弯 Mi Xiao Quan Brain Teasers Series 1 and 2

I've been looking for books with jokes and brain teasers for my primary school kids to nurture their sense of humour in Mandarin, and this fits the bill well! I often see my P1 and P3 boys chuckling away, and they have been retelling me many jokes from within!

Adds a lot of fun to our daily conversations in Mandarin! Check out the pictures for a good laugh (:

Every book comes with 3 stages / challenges with many riddles and puzzles to solve, which adds to the depth and interactivity of the reading experience.
Does not come with hanyu pinyin.

 每本脑筋急转弯共设置了三关,用一个故事作为主线串联,按照冲关挑战的方式进行。 三关既环环相扣又层层递进,让小读者有体验感、场景感,鼓励小读者在阅读故事的同时,开动脑筋;在开怀大笑之余,拓展思维。

Recommended for Ages: 6-12
Pages: 134-140 per book
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 北猫

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