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手机的规矩 Mobile Phone Etiquette

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Are you tired of constantly reminding your kids about using mobile devices appropriately?

This book takes on a child's perspective and talks about the etiquette of mobile phone usage, using relatable everyday situations and easy-to-understand language.

Together with our children, here are some things we can learn from this book:

  • Develop a healthy relationship with technology
  • Consequences of excessive phone usage like radiation exposure, eye strain, less aware of dangers in our surroundings, get grumpy when others disturb us
  • Not to miss out on the beautiful moments of life because we're on our devices
  • Show respect and care for those around us by being mindful of device usage when around others
  • Put down our phones to experience the wonderful world around us!

Something that would make this book perfect,
would be to acknowledge the positive aspects of devices
and how technology has benefited humankind.
I feel that this touch would make for a more persuasive case (:

Conversation starters:

  • What are some benefits of technology / mobile phones?
  • What would it be like in a world without mobile phones?
  • What do you like to use mobile phones for?
  • Why is mobile phone addiction a problem?
  • How do we show care for those around us through device usage?

This book is a great addition to any household
with tech-savvy kids who need to learn some digital etiquette.
The reminders are helpful for us adults as well, to model healthy habits!

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