Montessori Sandpaper Cards

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There are 22 cards in this box, including 8 basic strokes, and 16 Chinese characters. Each stroke is labelled with a colored dot. The sequence of strokes is ingeniously indicated through the colored dots at the top right of each card. Even children who have never seen a single Chinese character before, can immediately interact with the card and follow the shape!

Modelled after traditional Montessori sandpaper letters, this set of cards are used for kids to learn strokes and characters by visual and muscle memory.

Helps train toddlers hand-eye coordination as well as concentration!

Ways to use:

1. Select 3 cards at any one time. Model tracing the strokes on the sandpaper card several times, reciting the stroke name as you do so. Allow the child to explore and do the same

2. Prop up the Sandpaper card on a stand, as a reference for writing in a salt tray!
Spice this activity up by adding a rainbow colored base below the salt for rainbow salt tray, or try writing in colored rice. Scented salt using essential oils can be calming too! Use our finger to trace or a tool like the tip of a feather to do so.

3. Protect the Sandpaper card by putting in a plastic folder, and use it as a playdough mat to form strokes and characters

4. Use it part of word studies, for example when learning the character 人 can read books about different kinds of people, learn idioms containing 人 etc!

Here's how we used these cards in our home learning:

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Very useful
Great introduction of strokes
Appreciate your review, Irene! Yes, if we had such resources made available in our childhood, perhaps we would enjoy it a lot more. Lovely to hear how your son enjoys and interacts with these cards.