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鳄鱼先生立体农场 Mr Croc's 3D Farmhouse

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This bilingual 3D farmhouse with a mini soft toy Mr Croc and 3D tractor,
is incredibly interactive and loved by kids!

Perfect as a gift for any occasion, and especially helpful to engage kids for a long time.

Easy to store! Just takes a few seconds to assemble or disassemble.

There are 4 themed play areas

  • 池塘 pond
  • 鸡舍 henhouse
  • 牛棚 cow shed
  • 田野 field

Tried and tested ways to play and learn with this 360° playhouse:

  1. Learn the English and Chinese terms of the animals within!
  2. For toddlers, we can go through some animal names, and ask if they know the animal sounds.
  3. Go beyond labelling animals (nouns), to learn about actions (verbs) and descriptive words (adjectives) - slowly expanding our sentences and building their confidence in speaking Mandarin!
  4. Read aloud the sentences in the book and use Mr Croc to act it out.
  5. Pretend play with sound effects! Come up with our own stories. Always fun and makes for quality time with our little ones.
  6. We can use our own toys - like Lego / Duplo figurines, people figurines or small toys in the play scenes as well!
  7. For slightly older kids, we can describe an animal, give some clues and get them to guess the animal on the page. This is a great way to encourage their listening and analytical skills in Mandarin!
  8. Extend the learning by watching videos featuring real-life animals together. Better still, go on an outing to see the related animals in person! We can visit the nature parks to look for various birds, hens, roosters and sometimes chicks too. Our local cow farm is open to the public, and visiting a friend with a pet rabbit can be a fun experience too. I brought this book on a farmstay in Malaysia, and the kids loved it!

Recommended for Ages: 1 and up
Pages: 4
Format: Hardcover
Language: Bilingual - Simplified Chinese and English
Author: 乔·洛奇 Jo Lodge
Translated from: English
Translated by: 乐乐趣

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