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早教必读经典绘本 Must-Read Classic Stories for Kids (Set of 30)

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I heartily recommend this set of books for parents who want to acquaint themselves and their kids with a whopping set of 30 stories!

In my many years of reviewing tens of thousands of titles,
these emerge as my favourite few, and have a very special place in our hearts.

What we love about this series

  • A great selection of 30 stories that every child should know!
    Including titles on
    our Chinese heritage (孔融让梨, 司马光砸缸 etc),
    character-building (小猫钓鱼,蚂蚁和蚱蜢 etc),
    classic Aesop fables (龟兔赛跑, 乌鸦和狐狸 etc) and many more!
  • Illustrations are really adorable and colourful, able to catch children's attention
  • Illustrations are colorful and simple on uncluttered backgrounds - these are perfect references for kids to doodle, or for us parents to create some props to retell the story!
  • Short, 13 pages each - great to keep kids engaged. My favourite pick for short-and-sweet bedtime stories when Mama is too tired!
  • Comes in little thin booklets 14x14cm - perfect to slip into my bag without much additional weight
  • Written in very clear and concise language, no bombastic words - simple and conversational - inviting for little ones and beginning readers, this is an absolute gift and why I recommend this set so strongly
  • Contains many high frequency characters that early readers can read, which builds their confidence

Titles included in this set of 30

  • 经典童话 Classic Fairytales
    • 小红帽 Little Red Riding Hood
    • 青蛙王子 The Frog Prince
    • 皇帝的新装 The Emperor's New Clothes
    • 卖火柴的小女孩 The Little Match Girl
    • 丑小鸭 The Ugly Duckling
    • 白雪公主 Snow White
    • 小兔乖乖 Good Little Rabbits
    • 灰姑娘 Cinderalla
    • 糖果屋 Hansel and Gretel
    • 三只熊 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  • 婴儿童话 Tales for Kids
    • 孔融让梨 Kong Rong Shares Pears
    • 司马光砸缸 Si Ma Guang Smashes the Water Vat
    • 狼来了 The Boy who cried Wolf
    • 三只小猪 Three Little Pigs
    • 猴子捞月 The Monkeys and the Moon
    • 两只老鼠 Two Mice
    • 龟兔赛跑 The Tortoise and the Hare
    • 乌鸦和狐狸 The Fox and the Crow
    • 拇指姑娘 Thumbelina
    • 布莱尔乐队 The Bremen Town Musicians

  • 睡前故事 Bedtime Stories
    • 小猴子下山 Little Monkey Goes Down the Mountain
    • 螃蟹学走路 Little Crab Learns to Walk
    • 蚂蚁和蚱蜢 The Ant and the Grasshopper
    • 会生金蛋的鹅 The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs
    • 愚蠢的驴 The Foolish Donkey
    • 北风和太阳 The North Wind and the Sun
    • 小蝌蚪找妈妈 Little Tadpoles Look for Their Mother
    • 小马过河 Little Pony Crosses the River
    • 小猫钓鱼 Little Kitten Goes Fishing
    • 拔萝卜 Pulling out the Radish

We love bringing these along to keep kids occupied

  • on the airplane,
  • on long car rides,
  • while waiting at restaurants,
  • during wedding dinners!

Suggested extension activities

  • copy out the main character(s) in the story, and paste them on ice cream sticks, for storytelling props, to recount the story and encourage our child to speak more mandarin! If recounting the whole story, the child can choose a character and make it say something as part of the story
  • watch a realistic or child-friendly video about something related to the story eg find a video/documentary about crabs for 小螃蟹学走路
  • learn a song related to story eg while reading 小猫钓鱼, we can sing and learn 小花猫 or 鱼儿鱼儿水中游 
  • Draw something from within the books

Conversation starters

  • What do you like about this story?
  • Who do you dislike about the story?
  • If you could be a character in the story, who would it be? 
    Would you do anything different?

Recommended ages: 1-8
(Perfect for ages 5-8 to start reading on their own!)

No. of pages: 13 per book
No. of books in set: 30, divided into 3 sets by a plastic ring
Format: Softcover with rounded corners
Author/Illustrator: 北京小红花图书工作室
Language: Simplified Chinese

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