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我喜欢的身体绘本 My Favourite Body (Set of 8)

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(Out of Print - Limited Copies! Unlikely to be restocked)

This set of 8 books introduces the science related to our body
in a fun and clear way to young children.

We've had this series for more than 6 years,
and it's still being enjoyed by my 4, 8 and 10 year olds now!

I managed to score a batch of these out-of-print gems and
HAD to share them with you!

Why we love and highly recommend this series:

  • The books have great mileage - easily simplified to read with toddlers by describing the pictures, or used as a springboard for deeper discussions with preschoolers and up
  • Endearing and colourful illustrations make it an enjoyable read even for adults
  • Makes learning about healthy habits fun and interactive - we get to discuss the whys behind healthy habits!

Titles included:

  • 牙齿的故事
  • 便便
  • 别输给感冒啊
  • 睡觉啦
  • 神奇的感觉
  • 很好吃的
  • 骨头君
  • 身体里出来的东西

Questions that the bookset will cover include:

  1. Why do we need to brush teeth?
  2. Why do we poop?
  3. Why do we bleed after a fall?
  4. Why do we catch a cold?
  5. Why do we need to eat vegetables? and more.

Our favorite title has to be《牙齿的故事》, teaching us about

  • healthy dental habits
  • how cavities form
  • what happens when you lose all your teeth and need dentures
  • facts on milk and adult teeth
  • the importance of chewing our food

Even my tweens need some light-hearted reminders of the importance of brushing - I'm so glad that we can touch on this topic through this fun book!

We also paired reading the title《便便》with a trip to Singapore Science Center's Know Your Poo Exhibition, which was really interactive and fun!

Recommended for Ages: 2-12
No. of Books: 8
Pages: 216
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: La ZOO
Illustrator: 中村光男
Translated by: 杨怡静
Translated from: Japanese





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