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我的感觉 My Feelings - Bilingual (Set of 8)

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A set of bilingual books, perfect for starting conversations about emotions.
Together with our kids, we can
  • identify the emotions
  • learn how it looks like and feels like
  • discover ways to cope with it or
  • see how to help others who feel that way, and
  • find confidence to face it the next time it comes.
The same thought process and problem solving steps can be used for any other emotion a child, or even adult, feels! 
Nurturing our kids' emotional and adversity intelligence helps them navigate the world long after they leave our nest - a worthwhile investment to make today, to impact the next generation and beyond.
《我好害怕》When I Feel Scared
《我好难过》When I Feel Sad
《我觉得自己很棒》When I Feel Good About Myself
《我会关心别人》When I Care for Others
《我好嫉妒》When I Feel Jealous
《我好生气》When I Feel Angry
《我想念你》When I Miss You
《我好担心》When I Feel Worried

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A lovely set of books about feelings

I love the simple messages about feelings presented in this set of books. The illustrations of little animals are adorable. This set of books are bilingual so it can be a useful tool for your child to learn the express their feelings using both English and Chinese. However a few lines seem to have been translated word-to-word from Chinese to English and might sound a little odd. Not a major issue though!

Good read

We tried one book, and my 3yo loved it! Nice illustrations too.

Dawn C
Good books to start on the topic of emotions

Love that it's bilingual. Love that for each emotion, the book provides a variety of scenarios where one may experience such emotions, so it can be relatable. I don't necessarily always agree with how the books suggest one should respond to / resolve certain emotions BUT I recognise that this is a personal choice. It does not take away the credibility of this series as a good resource for parents to start discussing emotions with their children.

Melody Ong
Great books on different feelings

Great bilingual series. Love the images and simple sentences used to teach children about feelings and how to cope with them. The book is a little long for my 3yo but we can always pick up again where we left off.

Precilia Koh

A good series of books talking about the feeling to toddler. Yet it is bilingual! Easy for my little one who is not very good in chinese to learn chinese with the english explanation:)