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我的第一套自然认知书 My First Nature Encyclopedia (Set of 40)

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The moment we set our eyes on this set, it was love at first sight. Nature is important to our family, and creation so amazing to behold!

You are in for a visual feast when you get this set of 40 books, with 1000 absolutely gorgeous real-life and high-quality photos of animals, plants and rivers.

I really appreciate the large pictures and picture-to-text ratio! Awesome to read to toddlers and preschoolers.

The way the books are written, is really endearing and relatable to daily life! See how animals are just like us

  • Dogs do different things on different days of the week
  • Fishes sleep too, except their eyelids are never closed
  • Animals can have expressions on their faces too
  • Snakes have to eat too
  • Bees have homes, except theirs are hexagonal in shape
  • Stick insects like to play hide-and-seek

Titles included:

  1. 脸 Faces
  2. 睡觉 Sleeping
  3. 吃饭 Eating
  4. 你住在哪儿 Where Do You Stay?
  5. 你在干什么 What Are You Doing?
  6. 地底下有什么 What is Underground?
  7. 猜猜我是谁 Guess Who I Am
  8. 各种各样的蛋 All Kinds of Eggs
  9. 小仓鼠 Little Hamster
  10. 快乐的小狗 Happy Dogs
  11. 鸟儿 Birds
  12. 小小寄居蟹 Little Hermit Crabs
  13. 独角仙 Rhinoceros Beetle
  14. 好玩的昆虫 Fun Insects
  15. 金龟子的颜色 Colours of Beetles
  16. 藏猫猫的竹节虫 Stick Insects Playing Hide and Seek
  17. 你是昆虫吗 Are You an Insect?
  18. 有趣的水果 Interesting Fruit
  19. 神奇的种子 Amazing Seeds
  20. 河水流啊流 Rivers Flow

and many more!

Recommended for Ages: 1-8
No. of Books in set: 40
Pages: 960
Size: 15mmx15.8mm per book
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 刘书瑜 / 何佳芬

Sharing some pictures of our books in use:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great for marvelling at God's creation

Love the high quality photos which show creation in its detail (though I'll admit some of the close-ups look quite creepy). Text is short and simple, making it an easy read for us parents. My 2yo flips through the books on his own and feasts on the pictures. My 4yo enjoys being read to. The only "problem" we have is having to keep track of all 40 of them. They are thin and rather small, so can disappear into the hidden parts of the house when the kids leave them around.

Thank you Nicole for taking the time to share your thoughts! I must agree that some close-ups, especially of the bugs, can be wonderful yet a little scary. Maybe we could just keep those specific books aside, if it brings discomfort. You're right that the books are such a visual feast and are really enjoyable reads. Hope the discovery of little books around the home make for fun readalouds in different places!

Chris Tan
Loved these books

Beautiful, high quality photos of real animals and nature. The font is a little small, and some words are complex, but the pictures are gorgeous and varied. The box was a bit dented when it arrived, so not the best visual for a gift, (buy them for yourself!) and the books are thin and corners easily bent, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

Dear Chris, thank you for taking time to share your thoughts on this set! Sorry to hear that the box arrived dented, will definitely pass on the feedback to our courier partner. Do check your email for a little surprise from us, to thank you for your support!

Glad to know that you love these books and the illustrations! Hope they will continue to be enjoyed by your family, and help your little one grow in his or her love and appreciation for nature (:

Tan Alysha
我的第一套自然认知书 My First Nature Encyclopedia (Set of 40)


Visually spectacular

Beautiful images of animals and nature in all its glory! I really like that the text is short and simple, like a cute story rather than getting very sciency and technical. Just what I was looking for as my daughter likes animals but is not strong yet in Chinese comprehension. It would be good to read through the books yourself first as some images are a bit intense and might scare your kid eg predators biting their prey or giant close-up of insects.

Fw Miao

我的第一套自然认知书 My First Nature Encyclopedia (Set of 40)