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欢乐伙伴 好帮手 My Fun Buddy - Quick Reference Dictionary for Primary 1-3 students

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I highly recommend this for lower primary school students, in addition to 我的学习词典 Chinese Dictionary for Beginners!

This works as a quick reference when they need to find out how to write simple words that appear in the local curriculum. It is actually recommended in school book lists as a companion to the textbooks!

The Chinese dictionary is 2 books in 1 - to search by hanyu pinyin, search from the front of the book. To search by radical and number of strokes, flip the book over to the back to start.

Why we love this

  • non-intimidating, very child-friendly
  • simple and very clear instructions on how to use a dictionary, namely search by
    • hanyu pinyin,
    • radical or
    • number of strokes
  • written to contain 识读字 in Primary 1-3 curriculum - excellent to help in revision and in completing homework assignments
  • saves me from tons of "妈妈怎么写这个字" when it's already taught!
  • empowers my primary schooler to be independent to find answers for himself, and bridge knowledge gaps on his own

Number of pages: 100

Format: Softcover


    Paper dictionaries are really helpful for us to learn to find out

    • how to read words we don't recognise
    • how to write a word that we can identify but forgot
    • the meaning of a certain word, how to use it etc

    Recently, I had really interesting conversations with parents whether paper dictionaries are still useful for our children today, when the default option for examinations is the electronic dictionary - and the answer was YES!

    It's definitely a valuable skill, especially if the battery of the electronic dictionary runs out (according to Chinese teachers whom I spoke with, it happens!), teachers only have paper dictionaries to loan.

    Beyond this, learning how to use paper dictionaries helps us appreciate the how the words in our language can be sorted (by hanyu pinyin or radicals and number of strokes) and broken down into smaller components.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Shi Ning
    Really helpful!

    For my P1 child, this has been everything the description said it would be! I especially appreciate that most of the words he’s needed to use for homework and general writing/reading could be easily found in this - it’s really pitched at that lower primary level.

    Chinese isn’t his preferred language but he seemed to enjoy working out the dictionary’s systems (searching by pinyin, radicals or stroke count) and finding each term independently.

    I also like that the process of looking words up helps deepen familiarity with the characters, eg when he’s able to note which characters share radicals or sound similar. Highly recommend this.

    Karin Chen
    Looking forward to using it more

    Bought this to introduce the concept of physical dictionary to my child - the design is easy to use and the characters are very clearly printed in good size. However, she doesn't seem too interested in it at the moment but hopefully she will eventually find the purpose soon!