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美国国家地理经典小百科 National Geographic Classic Encyclopedia - Bugs (Set of 6)

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Do insects make you sqeamish? Boy, are they amazing creatures. You'll never see an insect the same way again after learning about them. Beyond learning the science facts, this set helps us appreciate little bugs and their place in our ecosystem, and the larger world we live in.

This set reminds us of all the nature walks we had with friends and with our nature guides through the years. Some memories we had in nature can be easily related to this set:

  • Spotting dragonflies 蜻蜓点水 at Botanical Gardens Swan Lake
  • Watching ants at work moving a huge dead beetle many times their size and marvelling 团结就是力量 at the Bukit Timah Hill
  • Observing honey bees pollinating flowers at HortPark
  • Finding spiders waiting for their prey on intricately woven webs at Dairy Farm Nature Reserve
  • Our friend spotting a huge grasshopper on our walk at Botanical Gardens

and more!

Features that we love in this amazing set:

  • Realistic and gorgeous illustrations 
  • Hanyu pinyin for ease of reading 
  • Main terms are printed in large font of a different colour,
    convenient for speed reading or to simplify for younger ones 
  • Glossary and definitions included at the back of the book 
  • Fun facts sprinkled everywhere!
  • Reflection questions to reinforce learning in a fun way,
    with answers provided, so parents can dig deeper if kids are interested!

Titles within:

  1. 蜜蜂 Bees
  2. 蚂蚁 Ants
  3. 蜻蜓 Dragonflies
  4. 蝴蝶 Butterflies
  5. 蚱蜢 Grasshoppers
  6. 蜘蛛 Spiders

Recommended for Ages: 2-99
Pages: 132
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin
Author: (英)吉妮•约翰逊
Illustrator: (意)德西德里欧•桑吉
Translated from: English
Translated by: 钟慧元

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