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Old Master Q Comics Happy Idioms 老夫子漫画 欢乐成语 (Set of 2)

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Have you read any OMQ 老夫子 comics while growing up?
I remember reading lots of it in traditional chinese text when I was young,
but it's been out of print for many years!
I'm so glad to chance upon these by a local publisher,
and to make them available here on My Story Treasury!

Old Master Q is a comic strip created by Alfonso Wong in the 1960s in Hong Kong,
and has achieved immense popularity throughout Asia since its inception!

Let Old Master Q pique your interest in learning Chinese idioms,
which can be a boon in writing,
especially when you use them aptly and creatively.

Each book comprises a collection of
132 carefully curated Chinese idioms
with witty depictions to tickle your funny bone!


Features that we love:

  • 132 interesting idioms
  • which are slightly simpler, to equip primary school students
  • showcased through funny 老夫子 comics
  • Each idiom has
    • hanyu pinyin (for the idiom only)
    • English definition
    • antonym 反义词 + English definition
    • sample sentence 例句 with the idiom highlighted in pink
  • These help us to not only understand the idiom better,
    but also its opposite meaning,
    and how to use it appropriately in a sentence
    (I've learnt from several Chinese teachers,
    that *not* using idioms in writing, is better than
    using idioms in the wrong context!!)


Extra resources:

    is a website that is created and maintained by Ginger Wong,
    a grand-daughter of Mr. Wong
    - it has lots of comic strips to read for free online!!
  • Learn little more about the artist Mr Alfonso Wong here through the eyes of his granddaughter, and see his real photo!
  • Some wise lessons from his comics here!

More about the author from here & here:

Mr. Wong once said,
"My life is like a comic strip,
I will make Old Master Q captivate my audience as much as I can."

"He was born in Tianjin in 1925 and moved to Hong Kong in 1956.
There, he used the pen name of his first son Wang Ze (王澤),
to create Old Master Q as a comic depiction of daily life.
Not only did Mr. Wong enjoy drawing, he loved fishing and pottery,
and was multi-talented as an active athlete in swimming, diving, and skating.
His experiences helped to fuel the vitality of the comic strips.
He also trained as a drummer, which helped him become ambidextrous with drawing. Mr. Wong’s son 王澤, now a retired architecture professor, has been growing and iterating upon the art of Old Master Q since 1995.
Alfonso Wong’s colorful life will be remembered fondly and his humor will continue to entertain generations of fans."

Recommended for Ages: 6 and up
Pages: 140 per book
Number of books in set: 2
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Illustrator: Alfonso Ong 王家禧
(P.S.: His pen name for these comics was 王澤, his eldest son's actual name!)

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