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海的那边是什么 Over The Ocean

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Are you ready to take your child on an adventure across the sea?
Look no further than Over The Ocean by Tarō Gomi.
This whimsical and imaginative book follows a young girl
as she stands on the beach and wonders what lies beyond the horizon.

With each page turn, the scenery changes.
Will we see endless fields or a bustling amusement park?
Perhaps we'll encounter all sorts of creatures,
both friendly and fearsome.
Maybe there's even another child just like us,
looking back at our shore with the same sense of wonder.

But as we journey further and further over the ocean,
we are reminded of the thrill and joy of exploring the unknown.
This beautifully illustrated book encourages children
to embrace their curiosity, imagination, and bravery.

What we love about this book:

  • By our beloved author Tarō Gomi who has many other amazing books
  • Encourages us to unleash our imagination!

Conversation starters:

  • Do you know the various land and water forms? Eg lake, island, strait
  • Do you know the water bodies in Singapore?
  • What are the things that are across the water as we stand on different parts of the island? Is it Malaysia? Pulau Ubin?
  • Let's learn about the different oceans of the world

Extension activities:

  • Read this book by the sea!
  • Head for a beach outing (maybe with friends!)
  • Do a similar painting / drawing and imagine what's beyond the ocean

Let's set sail and see where our imaginations take us!

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