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生活微百科 - 记事情 Daily Life Encyclopedia - Remembering Things

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Part of the 生活微百科 series

Curious to know how people of the past remembered things?

From tying knots, to drawing on the walls (parietal art) using pigments from nature, illustrating on pottery, and making marks on turtle shells... Humans continuously sought better and more effective ways of recording events and things, through inventions like bamboo scrolls and paper, and more recently, computers and cameras. 

As parents, we love books like these which give our children a sense of the world and time before their existence, to let them have a deeper appreciation of modern inventions and comforts. 


Conversation Starters:

1. If you are playing a game and need to record the points, what tools would you use?
2. What do you think people in the past in ancient China or ancient Egypt used to write?
3. Have you ever wondered what a Chinese Emperor does everyday?


Suggested Extension Activities:

1. Learn how to tie different knots
2. Watch a documentary or read a reference book about cave drawings and tribal art
3. Make a bamboo scroll craft, using broad popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners (also called chenille stems) or craft wire!
4. Get acquainted with the Four Treasures of the Study (文房四宝 wén fáng sì bǎo): Brush (笔 bǐ), Ink (墨 mò), Paper (纸 zhǐ), and Inkstone (砚 yàn). 
Have some fun practising 笔画, 边旁, new Chinese characters or their Chinese name. Adults can join in the fun and write the family surname, inspiring quotes or auspicious sayings! 
5. Surf the internet to look for real photos of Chinese Royalty in olden times, or watch this 


What other parents are saying: 

- "Interesting storyline! I love this book"
- "Helps us appreciate the modes of communication we have today"
- "I am learning together with my child, how words and paper has evolved to what it is now"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Problem Solving in the Ancient Times

This book is about finding problems, solving problems, finding problems again, and continuing to optimize solutions! The language is quite witty and My gal finds it interesting that people in the past made use of symbols to record and write instead.

Motivates my child to write

I have never thought about the evolution of writing. This is a good book to kickstart a child's love for writing. My boy is starting to understand why he has to learn to write and record information.

Thank you Yvette for your review! So glad to hear that our resources at My Story Treasury have helped your family (:

Carol Martin
Review of Remembering Things

Love this historical narrative. My 2 year old was just blown away when she realised things were done so differently in the past. The book has such beautiful illustrations too. Definitely appeals to a wide age range. Thank you @mystorytreasury for this great read!

Sharing is caring! So stoked to hear that your 2 year old loves it too! Thank you Carol (: