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Satoshi Kako The Power of the Earth 加古里子 地球的力量科学绘本 (Set of 10)

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Calling all nature lovers and geography lovers! You do not want to miss this.

The author 加古里子 Satoshi Kako has this amazing knack for making kids think. Never spoonfeeding information, but using well-thought out questions to prod us to wonder and discover about this amazing planet which we live in. 

Titles included in this set:

  • 《高山》Tall Mountains
  • 《河流》Rivers
  • 《大海》Seas and Oceans
  • 《雨 雪 雾 云朵》Rain, Snow, Fog, Clouds
  • 《风》Wind
  • 《地震》Earthquake
  • 《火山》Volcano
  • 《朝霞 晚霞 彩虹 极光》Sunrise, Sunset, Rainbow, Aurora
  • 《世界各地》All Around the World
  • 《地球》Earth 

Did you know 加古里子 originally trained as an applied chemist and had a successful career a chemical engineer? With intimate knowledge of how things work, he distills solid scientific reasoning and facts to stories that even children can understand. Truly amazing!

At My Story Treasury, we strive to bring you books that have lots of mileage, encourage creativity and nurturing a sense of wonder in the world around us. This literary treasure is right up our alley and will be perfect for a lifelong study of the wonderful world we call home.

Suitable for Ages: 5-12

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Emma @ LahLahBanana
Making science fun

Satoshi Kako is one of our family's favourite authors (he also wrote Crow Bakery, which is a must-read) as he has such a brilliant mind for making hard and important concepts fun.

The Power of the Earth 加古里子 地球的力量科学绘本 is a non-fiction set of 10, written in a way that a P2/P3 could self read, and a younger child would also understand. It's very well illustrated - would appeal to a child who enjoys numbers, maths, and geography. It's a really well-thought-out set, and we're glad MST recommended it to us to buy.

Satoshi Kako The Power of the Earth 加古里子 地球的力量科学绘本 (Set of 10)

Very well illustrated book, explaining facts to my children in very simplified way :) it's a good extension/ elaboration to what I tried to explain to them!