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笨狼的故事 Silly Wolf Stories (Set of 8)

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Wolves in fairytales tend to be scary and sneaky,
but not Silly Wolf in this series!

He isn't the smartest,
sometimes others try to take advantage of him,
but his kindness, innocence, curiosity and zest for life always shines through,
getting him past every hurdle and sticky situation.
These funny and sometimes sweet tales remind us of the joys and simplicity of childhood.

My 8-year-old boy requests this for bedtime readaloud time often,
to find out what funny adventures Silly Wolf has with his friends!


  • Humorous stories with simple storylines that are easy to follow
  • Has hanyu pinyin in this bridging book version 
  • Each book has 7-10 chapters
    and each chapter is about 12-20 pages long
  • Suitable for bedtime reads - we read a chapter or two each time, depending on how much time we have and how much the kids want to listen
  • Language used is simple, but also has some descriptive words and phrases that we can learn from and incorporate into our writing and speech
    eg 剧场里不时响起雷鸣般的掌声 describing thunderous applause at the circus show in 《飞鱼龙》,
    笨狼肚子胀得圆溜溜的 describing Wolf's round tummy after eating the Lion King's delicacies in 《神秘谷》etc
  • Comes with a special 笨狼汉语拼音表 hanyu pinyin chart at the end of the book

Titles included:

  • 笨狼是谁 Who is Silly Wolf?
  • 最佳男主角 Best Male Lead
  • 荡到月球去 Swing to the Moon
  • 飞鱼龙 Flying Fish Dragon
  • 神秘谷 Mysterious Valley
  • 坐到屋顶上 Sitting on the Rooftop
  • 想念一棵树 Missing a Tree
  • 狼树叶 Wolf Leaf

Some memorable stories from within:

  • Silly Wolf forgot who he was, and even "lost" his own house
  • Silly Wolf's homework was to find out what pizzas are, and his dad ordered one from Italy to hand in to his teacher during schooltime
  • Silly Wolf becomes an accidental soccer star

Recommended for Ages: 8-12 for independent reading
5 and up for parent-readaloud
Pages: about 140 per book
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin
Author: 汤素兰

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